There And Back Again

I’ve just wrapped up the Klingon front’s pair of time-traveling missions (City of the Edge of Never/Past Imperfect) for what is probably the third time, and I have to say — I’m still impressed with Cryptic’s handling of the Kuvah’magh prophecy.

Oh, that’s not to say that there aren’t problems with the story line. If the crazed Augmented Klingons escaped from Amar Singh, why is B’vat still leading them? Are they still allied? Just why does Captain B’vat feel it is necessary to mention that the Augmented Klingons arrived a month ago, but only brought with them a 25th-century warship weeks later? Was curing the ridgeless Klingons part of B’vat’s plan — and was curing the crazed Augments just an added bonus?

But looking at the mission in its entirety, the writers at Cryptic did a great job combining two large pieces of Star Trek lore — the prophecy of the Kuvah’magh, filled with its near indecipherable promises that “You would know me before I know the world” and “You will follow in my footsteps before I have made them”; and the cure to the Klingon augment virus, something that must have happened at some point — Klingons eventually got their ridges back! — but was unrevealed in the series. The combination of these two plots is so well done, so subtle, that all the missions’ other limitations aside, I’ve enjoyed playing it each time.

And getting to hear the Guardian of Forever talk is an added bonus.

One last bit of nerdiness for ya: the captain of the other Federation starship encountered during the “The City on the Edge of Never”, the U.S.S. Kirk, is an Andornian named Thelin. In the TAS episode “Yesteryear” — an episode involving the Guardian of Forever, and the only TAS episodes to be considered truly canon — Thelin was also the name of the Enterprise‘s Andorian first officer, in a universe where Spock was never born. Cryptic and their tricky references!