Captain’s Log: What the…?

A strange thing has started to happen in STO — I’m actually enjoying ground combat.

I don’t even think I’m doing it right. I love my Engineers, but seriously? Their ground combat abilities are almost completely unappealing. Yay, I can build a bunker anywhere I want! Go forth, my little drone! Who cares. An emphasis on turtling and attrition draws out ground battles far too much. What I really want is to expose my enemies quickly and then disintegrate them with my split-beam rifles.

(In STO, there are few noises more satisfying than “AAHHH–WOOSH” noise of a vaporized enemy. In my heart, only the angry Klingon computer reporting that my enemy’s shields comes close.)

In this regard, I’ve come to appreciate two kit-based engineer abilities — Weapons Malfunction (an expose attack which disables an opponent’s weapon) and Quick Fix (which grants a significant boost to ranged damage output for a short while). Unfortunately, only one Engineer kit has both of these abilities, and its confined to Lt. Commander rank.

My solution? A team of science officers (and several Weapons Malfunctioning engies) expose my enemies, while I crouch and Quick Fix-it-up. It’s a one-trick pony, but it’s damn fun. Especially because my ugly Reman bridge officers creates an inordinate amount of exposed states. I guess his terrible looks frighten the enemy into submission?

But at some point, I should really consider making a science officer.

11 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: What the…?

  1. This may be a case of grass is greener. See, I have a science officer, and I love exposes (because they shorten the otherwise insane length of ground battles, esp. against well shielded opponents) and I decided that the only way to have more exposes to was to create an engineering officer. Go figure eh? Anyway, if you go science, there is a kit that has several knockdown/shield bash/expose abilities. Its fun when it works.

    • So true, on all fronts. Exposes are the way to go — I hate dinking away at an enemy’s health, especially once the Romulan medics start showing up. -_-;

      But how’d you figure that enginees had more expose potential than science officers? We have alot of utility, but I can only think of two or three expose abilities. Of course, I could just be fatally retarded and a newb to boot.

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