Foundry Mission: “Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things”

After several days of tinkering around with the Foundry, I’ve published my first mission — “Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things.” A training cruiser in the Wolf 359  is attacked by Nausicaan pirates; your ship responds to the hail and quickly figures out that things are not exactly as they seem.

The mission was inspired by one of the first Foundry missions I saw — a  Nausicaan farming mission out of Wolf 359. The Nausicaans are notoriously difficult to find in game, meaning that their kill achievement is all but impossible; a mission farming them was to be expected. But it was out of Wolf 359, the site of the famous first battle between the Federation and the Borg, which compounded the mission’s distaste.

But my interested was piqued, and I decided I’d try to tell a legitimate story about the Nausicaans and Wolf 359. I hope you enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Foundry Mission: “Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things”

    • Alright! I’d appreciate that — to date, it seems that my mission has gotten lost in the hundreds of mission that have been created; no one has reviewed it even once!

    • Oh! And I also recommend Darren_Kitlor’s “Drawing Proof.” It’s a very short, very Star Trek-esque mission. I think it’s my favorite UGC mission yet.

  1. Tried looking for your mission, but wouldn’t show up in search or the foundry missions list, but then again i have been looking for other missions as well, can’t find them either. Sure hope they’re gonna come up with a different/better way to check/search missions or lots of missions are gonna be overlooked or simply dissapear.

    • Shucks! I know, I have problems finding missions, too. Did you just look for it? I took it down about 15 minutes ago to fix some spelling errors, but it’s back up now.

      Two other words of advice:
      — I’ve found that after I play a Foundry mission, it’s best to log off and log back in before trying another.
      — You might have to declare that you’re interested in reviewing content, as my mission has yet to receive a single review.

      • Was probably it, when i commented i had just logged off, so could have been the reason for not finding it.

        I’ll try logging off after a Foundry mission, haven’t done that so far, i ussually just keep going 🙂

        I’m not very good at reviews 🙂
        But i do always rate the missions depending on how much i enjoyed it.

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