Meet the Crew: Wilde

Little is known about Two of Thirteen’s existence before the Collective; for all practical purposes, her ‘life’ began in 2403, when the deep-space exploration vessel U.S.S. Helix recovered her near-lifeless remains from the wreckage of a Borg probe. The probe had encountered some sort of mysterious end, much like derelict Borg sphere salvaged from the Servin system by the SCE. Whatever disaster befell the Borg vessel, it was a blessing in disguise for Two of Thirteen — somehow, the long period of stasis Two was held in following the probe’s destruction eased the Borg drone’s reintegration into human society.

But a Borg drone’s resocialization is never a sure thing, and the success witnessed by the Helix was in no small part predicated on the first officer’s insistence that Two be allowed to sit in on the ship’s weekly poker night. Two of Thirteen ‘earned’ her name — Deuces Wilde — from those very poker nights; it turns out a former Borg has an almost preternatural card-counting ability, and the stoic poker face didn’t hurt either.

That’s right, guys… because I am perpetually locked out-of-step with the blogosphere’s playing habits (i.e. LotR and RIFT), I started back up STO today! More on that later — right now, my creative juices were pumping, so I belted out a bio for my new crew.

7 thoughts on “Meet the Crew: Wilde

    • It sounds like alot of fun, but not particularly my cup of tea. Furthermore, I’ve already got two subs running (DCUO and STO), so I’d be spreading myself thin trying to pick up another.

  1. welcome back I cant wait to see you in game with all the alts I’m sure we’ll be close to the same levels 😛

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