Taking Down the Hive

This weekend, I didn’t get much chance to play DCUO — in part because I decided I’d work hard these past few days, freeing up some time later in the week to try out the new content that’s dropping tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t get to kick some villain ass, though.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

Right next door to Metropolis General is the Metropolis Dome Stadium, which has apparently been overrun by the H.I.V.E. As the name attests, the H.I.V.E. is some sort of bee-themed villain group (really?); the henchmen even say things with a little ‘zzzz’ rattle at the end.

Unfortunately, this mission-chain doesn’t seem to have the blue ‘player briefs’ info spheres that the others have had. I could be mistaken, and the longer I think about it, the more I think I really might have just missed them — after all, the Area 51 alert has them, I just completely missed all of them the first few times I ran the instance. However, I missed the comfort of having the story told to me through Lois Lane’s earnest voice and Jack Ryder’s abrasive “And that’s why you’re WRONG!” pieces.

Regardless, I played through this mission-chain without the benefit of any background-giving blue info spheres (the info from the green spheres is so short it doesn’t really count), so I had to glean the story from Superman’s concise briefings: the H.I.V.E., some sort of bee-themed villainous organization (yes, my knowledge of their organization never really advanced beyond that point — and given the Wikipedia article on them, I think I pretty much got their gig down pat), had taken over the Metro Dome and was using it as a base of operations from which to steal containers filled with exobytes, along with kidnapping and brainwashing nearby S.T.A.R. and LexCorp scientists. Oh, and they’d set-up turrets all around the stadium’s perimeter, along with some sort of emitters that sprayed mind-controlling pollen all over the place.

You know, all in a day's work.

The culminating mission had me head into the converted stadium — which, by the way, didn’t even look like a stadium on the inside — and face down Zazzala, the ‘Queen Bee’ of the H.I.V.E. (Who is apparently an alien? Dang, I wish I had found those player briefings!)

Of course, like all aliens in the DC universe, she's obviously a she, and sexy to boot.

In a sort of quasi-twist — I should have seen it coming from miles away, but still felt goofy proud of myself when I figured it out from seeing this, before the game explicitly told me — Brainiac has made a deal with the H.I.V.E. and become something like the H.I.V.E.’s absentee ‘King Bee.’ I guess in this reality, he doesn’t have the patronage of Lex Luthor to hide his efforts. Regardless, Brainiac and the H.I.V.E. seem like a match made in heaven — an ordered and rational world, populated by unthinking drones.

Cassidy Yates, Clothier

My completion of the H.I.V.E.-related investigation (collecting all of the green infospheres) netted me the ‘Jah Kir’ leggings, the last piece I needed for the entire costume set. My first completed set — I even got a feat achievement and everything!

I know, it's a little gaudy! But I didn't want to change up the colors.

Trying to get the above screenshot did reveal some of the weaknesses of the costume system, though. There’s no way to set the entire look — even if it was limited to just completed sets, it’d still be nice to make a unified look with just one click. Furthermore, there’s no real way to save multiple costumes, or colors. I’ve love to make a black-silver-brass Jah Kir look for Cassidy — but I like my yellow-blue-red ‘down to earth’ look far too much to go experimenting with changing colors.

But on the bright side — from the Joker’s daily vault mission, I got a Sinestro Corp hoodie, in unmodifiable yellow (of course). I think it’s my favorite costume piece yet!

It's fearfully comfortable.

Baring the ominous sign of me wearing the logo of an eeevvvviiiillll organization… here’s to the future.

3 thoughts on “Taking Down the Hive

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  2. Glad to see you’re still kickin’ super-villain butt. I love to live vicariously. Hey, I just noticed. Is there a reason you picked the name of Captain Sisko’s love interest from DS9?

    • No reason at all — I didn’t even especially like Yates in DS9! When I was trying to come up with a character name, I thought that Cassidy sounded like a cool name. After settling on it, I was suspicious that I had heard it before — and sure enough, the name was have percolated into my mind from Star Trek. I didn’t remember the influence, nor did I spell it the same way (Kasidy vs. Cassidy), so I decided I’d stick with my first choice.

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