Monday Night Combat

Last week, I didn’t play DCUO. I didn’t even have the chance to post. I was a little… distracted. According to Steam, in three days I was 12 hours of distracted.

I was playing Monday Night Combat.

Take one part Monday Night Football, one part Rollerball, and two parts Team Fortress 2, and you have Monday Night Combat. In a dystopian world where Presidents are elected for life, food comes from tubes, and government-mandated curfews begin 15 minutes after a game finishes, two teams of genetically engineered clones fight on artificial battlefields for the amusement of millions.

In the future, the future will look gaudy.

Put another way, MNC is a team-based shooter where each time tries to win by escorting AI-controlled robot minions into their opponent’s base.

And damn if it isn’t awesome.

Also, the entire game has the omnipresent ‘Pitgirl’ as its mascot.

So, uh, they're clones? Also: MNC might be a little more sexualized than Tf2.

Like TF2, a player chooses one of several specialized classes — nine in TF2, six in MNC. As the game progresses, a player earns money for successful kills and other assorted actions. This money is used to upgrade the character, or build AI-controlled turrets to guard the team’s base. All the while, a humorous announcer jokes left and right about the performance of both teams.

If that wasn’t enough, the money you cumulatively earn inside the game enables you to unlock class slots that are modifiable — you can slightly change the emphasis of each of your classes, giving them slightly better armor or accuracy, at the cost of speed or health regen. Fortunately, the game is really well balanced, and the conventional class unlocks easily hold their own against player-made set-ups; it’s less a matter of “best” and more a matter of “personal preference.”

I continue to compare MNC to TF2 because Team Fortress is the “humorous team shooter.” However, my friends and I find it increasingly difficult to jump back in to TF2 — every time we return, some sort of new and insane feature has been added (more class updates with new weapons, the Mann Co. microtransactions, etcetc). For us, MNC is a return to a simpler time, when a team of blue guys and a team red guys fought for the sake of amusement. It’s only $15 on Steam, and given the amount of fun I’ve had, I heartily recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Monday Night Combat

    • It is! My personal favorite is the Assault-class. He’s basically a TF2 demoman that can also wield a Halo assault rifle, and grapple in melee combat if he needs to. And he has a jetpack. Basically, I drop mines, lob grenades at robots, and get ring outs all over the place. SO MUCH FUN

    • I’m glad you found it useful! The game isn’t $50 worthy, but it is fantastic fun — the $15 price tag feels just about right. Excepting Plants Vs. Zombies, it’s probably the most cost-efficient game I’ve purchased, if efficiency is measured by maximizing fun-per-dollar-spent.

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