Linkage: Thinking About The Story

I don’t often post links to things I like, but a perfect storm of internet perusal and deep thought has motivated me to post a few URLs, mostly so that I can access them later.

  • This is probably old news, but several weeks back, Massively writer Jef Reahard posted a scathing critique of so-called “gaming journalism.” Reahard is a good thinker who can express his thoughts clearly, and I believe him to be correct.
  • I’m interested in stories and how they’re told. Domenic Stansberry’s “Noir Manifesto” offers a very interesting analysis of the state of the noir books (originally published in 2003, but still relevant today). Taking the analysis even further, and closer to my heart, Chris Braak looks at the intersection of noir and supernatural fantasy.
  • Stormtroopers RIP.

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