Sightseeing: Minmatar Sculpture

Minmatar Sculpture
Shortly after the formation of the Minmatar Republic, the government erected this sculpture above their homeworld, Matar. Named “Eternal Torch,” the sculpture represents the everlasting passion and resilient spirit of the Minmatar people.

Having wrapped up with Keita Eslin, I was dispatched to Ammatar space. The ten-jump trip took me through Pator, and this sculpture.

When I first started playing EVE, I felt some sympathy for the Minmatar. After all, they are the oppressed minority of EVE, and they’re freedom fighters, and they’re trying to build a republic. But then I did the Shaman Secrets quest chain. The arc involves destroying the titular shaman’s reputation, then attempting to kidnap him, then kidnaping the shaman’s daughter to gain leverage, all in an effort to desecrate the most sacred Minmatar tradition. Being a latent RPer at heart, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the chain. And considering I had flown across the galaxy to aid the Minmatar, this quest served as a strong reminder that in EVE, no one is the good guy.


One thought on “Sightseeing: Minmatar Sculpture

  1. Weakling!! Finish it! The RP key is your statement: “in EVE, no one is the good guy.” That goes for you, too. >:)

    Of course, there is always the “We shall not speak of this again” or “non-canon story” approach. Oh I know! It was in a Mirror Universe!! Just because your character would never do that, doesn’t mean you couldn’t use the XP or whatever they call it in EVE. Am I overthinking this?

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