Sightseeing: Deltole System

Municipal Junkyard
Deltole/Algintal/Sinq Laison
When the tourist industry in Algintal was in its infancy the local authorities became concerned that the abundance of space debris left by earlier colonists would hurt tourism in the long run. They carried out a hasty cleanup operation of the constellation, collecting most of the debris and dumping it in a remote place in the Deltole system. The intent was always to finish the job later and incinerate the heap, but the authorities have never gotten around to it and the Municipal Junkyard has been left alone for decades now. It is thus the perfect place for smugglers running illegal operations such as forgery.

In an effort to bring the terrorist Dagan to justice, Sister Alitura sent me to Minmatar space to meet the wily Krusal Keita Eslin. En route, I decided to visit the Deltole system’s Municipal Junkyard. Trust Partners, a Thukker tribe corporation, has several agents moored among the garbage. There is probably two dozen disposal units spread out amongst the wrecks; a small profit could be made hauling their garbage contents to the nearest market.

Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet
Deltole/Algintal/Sinq Laison
The Skeleton Comet, a comet that was picked clean during the early stages of Federation space exploration, is one of the many landmarks in Algintal that makes the constellation known as one of the most beautiful places in the whole Federation. While not as spectacular as its more renown cousin the Canyon of Rust the Skeleton Comet still attracted tourists from all over. But in recent years the smuggling cartels operating in the constellation have made the place their own. Driven from their other pirate havens by activists or, more recently, foreign corporations, they have convened here to make the Skeleton Comet their last great bastion of smuggling activity in the constellation. Needless to say, the only tourists now visiting the place are those in search of smuggled goods or illicit affairs.

Yet the Skeleton Comet holds one little-known secret unlocked by those early miners. While drilling in a remote corner of the complex they found ancient relics and definite signs that humans had tread here before, thousands of years earlier. Only recently this startling evidence was analyzed further to corroborate what had until then only existed as rumors whispered in shady mining bars around the Federation. A fascinating story of early settlers in the world of EVE was uncovered, a nation calling itself Yan Jung.

But the intrusion of the smuggling cartels halted further arcaeological diggings, though it is said that the smugglers themselves have been poking around in the old ruins. Some say fabulous discoveries have been made, but the smugglers keep silent on the subject.

Upon jumping through the acceleration gate, this message pops up:
The Skeleton Comet are the skeletal remains of a comet picked clean by Gallente miners in the early days of the Federation.

The remains of the mining equipment are long since gone, used as material in the construction of the safety guardrails running through the comet to make navigation of tourist yachts easier. But the tourist activity has dwindled to almost nothing in recent years, due to the local smugglers using it as their main pirate haven in the constellation.

The site was astounding, but not for the reasons one might think. The comet’s skeleton was rather boring — a twig, or a brown piece of coral, suspended in space — but the space battle raging around it was very exciting.

At least a half dozen capsuleers had converged on the place and were engaging the Serpentis ships in a pitched, but one-sided, battle. There were many unclaimed wrecks floating in space, many of them marked blue and made public by their owners. A swift salvage vessel might be able to make a tidy sum, so long as they avoided the guns on both sides. I suspect that one of the reasons so many capsuleers are fighting their way through the Skeleton Comet is to acquire a key to unlock the Yan Jung relic site, also in the Deltole system…


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