Forward the Foundation

I want to open by thanking readers Druur Monakh and Amalec for their insightful comments on my last ‘real’ post. They answered my previous questions with excellent advice, something I’m grateful for.

I have continued to gain reputation with the Amarr Navy, as well as toying with a nearby Sisters of Eve agent. Things are progressing quite well — as a destroyer, the Heretic’s Folly is cutting through these Level One missions like a hot knife through butter. I’ve continued my salvage efforts on and off; with it bringing in a modest income and no major outstanding expenses, I’ve risen to ~43 million isk. That’s the most money I’ve ever made in EVE, and while a modest sum, I feel very happy for myself.

Furthermore, I’ve settled on a strategy. While I really want to immediately fly a Harbinger (the description alone is awesome), I also want to fly it well. As such, I’m promising myself that I won’t fly it until I have enough funds to full kit out the ship, without reducing my ISK reserve to nothing. That’ll should give me enough time to continue to skill up — for instance, I really want to set aside a day to learn Hull Upgrades IV, so that I can unlock the passive-boosting armor skills, and I think that Mechanic V and Engineer V are definite musts (eventually).

In a day or two, once Drones IV is finished and I’ve started on the support Drone skills, I’m going to buy me an Arbitrator. Cruisers are far less skill intensive than battlecruisers (except for that ‘you need Drones V’ thing), and the Arbitrator is one-eleventh the Harbinger’s price. Also, owning a Arbitrator will break me out of the mission running rut I’ve gotten in to, and get my back on track for my chosen mini-profession, exploration. I’ve scoped out a series of low populated systems in my environs, including a few low sec places. While I am completely terrified of going to losec, I think that I need to do it eventually. Please tell me it isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be?

3 thoughts on “Forward the Foundation

  1. Low-secs not all that bad 🙂 in anything cruiser size or less your immune to low-sec gate camps as you’ll warp before the gate cloak drops so that’s all good 🙂

    It’s worth taking a spin about in the areas your thinking of running in though as you want a good understanding of the locals and populations of the systems your visiting.

    As for exploration in lowsec, scanning in a frigate is do able, look up and learn how to make bookmarked safe spots and train for a basic cloak (as you can scan while cloaked ^^), but you have to be fairly careful with the low-sec sites as the good ones will spawn a fair few elite cruisers which will hit hard.

    Things to bear in mind with PvP risks are, keep an eye on local for newcomers / people who are hanging around in system for more then a few minutes, if your cloaked your safe and you’ll have a good safety buffer while running sites too as it’ll take longer to track you down if they have to probe you out. If your worried leave the system, its not worth losing a ship over and their are plenty more systems around.

    Finally if your serious about hacking, buy several ships! a lot of people try and go with the “one ship does all” approach (which works ok in hi-sec), but the low-sec sites can be considerably harder, so minimum of two ships, usually one to scan and one to hack/fight (the reason you want hacking and fighting on one ship is because hacking some sites will trigger spawns)

    Think that’s about all 🙂

    Oh and use when looking up areas 🙂 has loads of useful info about number of jumps and kills and whatnot and is a lot quicker to use than the in game map.

    One more thing too check out the Derelik area for a good low-sec starting area, its pretty quiet, no fraction warfare to make things tricky and plenty of hi-sec islands to run to if needed 🙂 just watch out for the systems around the 0.0 entrances (to curse and providence) as there is higher traffic around there, but the systems around Timeor are virtually dead (i.e you can be there for a good 3hours without seeing a soul ^^)

  2. Low-sec really isn’t incredibly dangerous. Generally, it’s quite quiet. That said, even though danger is relatively rare when it’s present it’s usually quite serious. Keep some things in mind:

    You’re never immune. Well formed gate camps will catch anything slower than an interceptor fairly reliably. Smartbombing BS at gates can uncloak and take out your frigate and your pod before you have any idea what happened. When warping from a cluster with a gate to a gate and local looks suspicious, warp to a different cluster first to change you’re entry vector. Both smart bombers and gate-camps are more prevalent along pipes and high-sec entries though, so just avoid these areas unless it’s necessary.
    Go deep into low-sec. It may feel safer near high-sec but it’s not since more people tend to pass through those systems. Find someplace quiet – pirates go where the people are.
    Watch local constantly; remember that even newish newb corp pilots are possibly probe alts for pirates. That doesn’t mean you should dock, but it may mean it’s time to align and watch d-scan a little closer.
    **Watch D-Scan** — can’t stress this one enough. It’s your lifeline. Scan gates before warping to them and do a 360scan every few moments when in a site/plex to check for scan probes and possible threats.
    Mitigate your risks. You’re going to lose ships now and then, and it’s not even always going to be your fault. Make sure isk you’re making is worth the risk you’re taking.

    Build a dedicated prober. Not only is probing slower and more difficult in a combat ship, it compromises your fitting as well. If you can fit a covert ops, great – if not, the t1 astrometrics frigates will work fine. Fit scan strength rigs, probe launcher and a cloak. It’s like 1mil and gives ~70-100% increase in scan strength, can do it’s scanning cloaked and is a great deal safer to fly around in.

    Also, always fit an MWD in low-sec to just about everything.

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