Sightseeing: The Drone Hive

The Drone Hive
Hatakani/Caldari Border Zone/The Citadel
This gigantic superstructure was built by the effort of thousands of rogue drones. While the structure appears to be incomplete, its intended shape remains a mystery to the clueless carbon-based lifeforms.

Despite its generic information, this edifice is a sight to behold. I encountered the hive several times during the course of The Blood Stained Stars epic arc. Eventually, I was tasked with culling the growing drone swarm using the hive as a home, all while the Caldari navy looked on, supposedly ‘holding the perimeter’.

In the background lore, drone hives are the stuff of nightmares.


2 thoughts on “Sightseeing: The Drone Hive

  1. Hey man, nice to see more posts from you again. First off I gotta say that is an awesome picture. The drone hive looks imposing but oddly beautiful. Second, I wish I could get into EVE, bloggers always make it look so fun.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! Let me say, it’s good to be posting again! I’ve finally entered my winter break, and I’ve decided to enjoy it by playing EVE.

      The drone hive is an amazing ‘set piece’, and it was alot of fun to fly around it. It’s a shame there wasn’t more unique fiction from its information screen — rest of The Blood Stained Stars is dotted with small bits of story telling.

      And I hear you about the ‘EVE looks fun, but…’ comment. I’ve dropped the game two or three times now. The trailers that CCP pumps out are amazing, but in many respects, the game rarely lives up to that pulse-pounding height.

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