Sightseeing: Abandoned Research Outpost

Abandoned Research Outpost
Yashunen/Caldari Border Zone/The Citadel
In-space research laboratories are often established to circumvent planetside laws and oversight. As a consequence, an entire research industry has slowly emerged among the stars, often leading the planetside economies in space-related research. One inevitable by-product of this relentless expansion has been the downfall of countless outposts and laboratories, whose empty, pilfered husks now lie discarded and forgotten.

I visited Yashunen while helping Immuri Asaka investigate Admiral Vitamala, the Caldari officer overseeing the quarantine of a drone hive in the Hatakani system. Vitamala exhibited gross incompetence in the face of the drone threat, and Asaka wanted to know if the admiral’s lack of ability went deeper than mere stupidity. The quest for documentary evidence took me to the Chainelant system; Yashunen was only one jump out of the way.

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