Starting Over

I am nothing if not consistent.

The moment I was certain that I was happy with my character in EVE, crippling doubt set in. Maybe I didn’t actually want a Minmatar — maybe there was a reason I had always gone with the Achura bloodline. The stupidity of this thought is compounded by the fact that it doesn’t really matter what your character looks like, or where they start — EVE is an extremely free-form game, and all rerolling would do would 1) change my appearance, and 2) set me back several days worth of progress.

My doubt was presaged by a video I saw of the new Incarna character creation process coming to EVE in January. I was immediately able to tell that the character in question was Achura, and I knew that what I was seeing was what I wanted my avatar to look like.

So I rerolled. Kept the same name, though — Atek Drex — so if you still want to drop me a line, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Don’t really matter which race or bloodline you play. Some bloodlines due to character background did have some stats distributed differently depending if bloodline was say Combat, Science, Trade or Business oriented. However with the new attribute system being changed and points added think they will all now the roughly the same. Only in Incarna character appearance will get overhauled.

    If need anything in game can just mail me Ametius in game.

    • Yep, I knew all of the above, making my decision even more silly.

      But I do like how the Achura are getting made over, so it should all end well!

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