Thank you HZ for the kind comment a week or two back. I’m glad to see you’re still posting, and posting awesomely at that.

Unfortunately, I’m swamped, and when I’m not, I don’t have the energy to log into any games that really require effort. School is just too much, and it has to be my priority.

That said, I just picked up all of Guild Wars (independent from this guy) — any recommendations on classes/starting areas?

10 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. Hey man, welcome back (kinda) to the blogging fold!

    I never got too into Guild Wars, only ever having owned the first campaign, but I always liked the necromancer. I hear the dervish is fun as well.

    • Roger that. The necromancer looked good, as did the ranger and the dervish somewhat. I’m also a big fan of cool looking armor, so the warrior seemed like a safe bet.

  2. Great to hear from you again.

    I’ve played several classes in GW. I always recommend the Ranger or Elementalist. Both are a lot of fun and very straightforward. I would avoid the expansion professions (assassin, ritualist, paragon, dervish) until you are comfortable with the game.

    Otherwise, I would normally tell you to start with Prophecies or Nightfall. Prophecies sets you up to see the main storyline right from the beginning, but Nightfall has the most polished intro and campaign.

  3. I’ve tried out Elementalist, Mesmer, and Ranger. The last one was the only one that stuck. I discovered that your choice of profession is more important for a game like GW than others, you really have to find one that you like to fully enjoy the game, so experiment around a bit!

  4. Bummer, but yeah, real life gets priority, and when time’s limited then playing games tends to be more fun than writing about ’em!

    ‘Fraid I can’t help much on Guild Wars, it never really stuck for me, but for the bit I did play I quite liked the Elementalist, specialising in Fire and setting everything alight…

    • Awesome, you are alive! Its kind of a good time to be in MMO hibernation anyway – have to save your strength for all those awesome new releases in the next 6-12 months.

      One GW, I agree with most everything said above. With Anjin, avoid the Assassin as a primary class, it will get you killed often and messily. Personally, I found that, though I don’t play them often otherwise, the Warrior is a great place to start. It gives you good solid armor and weapon options that help with survivability. Then just add in whatever secondary class flavor feels right. For me, its the Ritualist.

  5. Two of my friends recently started and both liked the warrior and the ranger. One also liked monk.

    I’d say warrior is a safe bet for many. If you have them all, start in factions (fastest leveling), when you hit 10 pick up mox outside kamadan and go to eye of the north and get the first 30 heroes who are at level 20. that way you can have a level 20 healer with you and your choice of a dervish/elementalist or mesmer.

    prophecies has free skills so dont buy skills you can do quests for there.

    hmm any other tips. check what mats you will need for your level 20 armor and salvage all white drops until you have that, then vendor the rest for the platinum.
    keep golds to sell or use. keep runes for yourself and your heros. if you want to sell them sell them to a rune trader.

    you mostly level through missions. dont worry about skipping quests

  6. If you’re playing for the very first time – either Prophecies or Nightfall is a good place to start.

    IMO, Prophecies is a better start for a brand new player, because it’s the slowest-building-up of all the campaigns. Additionally, Prophecies doesn’t have Heroes (AI that you own). This means you learn more about the game, and your class’ mechanics, before going on to *expand* what you know with the usage of Heroes (available in Nightfall and EotN).

    As for classes:

    If you love flexibility and hybrid-bastardizing-experimenting:
    These two are arguably the most versatile classes in GW, because of their basic mechanics.

    Like blowing things up BOOM

    Like healing/support:

    Like rogues:

    Like frustrating people (or mobs). Some call it finesse:

    Like melee blowing things up:

    Like… actually I don’t really know what to compare a paragon to so…
    Like something new:

    GW is a very complex game, and has a lot of overlaps. I’ve drastically oversimplified stuff here, but I hope this helped. =)

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