Mass Effected Out

Mass Effect 2 is a fine game – one might even say a great game – but as I planned to load up my save the other night, it occurred to me that I just didn’t want to play it.

I’ve recruited every member of my team except Tali (and Legion, who I technically shouldn’t know about yet?), and have run six loyalty quests (in order: Zaeed’s, Kasumi’s, Jacob’s, Mordin’s, Garus’, and Thane’s). As I prepared to saddle-up the Normandy for yet another go at saving the galaxy, in my mind’s eye I saw what the next half dozen loyalty quests held for me:

  • They’ll want revenge and/or find a family member.
  • I’ll have to make a tough moral call about what the correct course of action is.

And you know what? I hate both parts of that paradigm.

Look, I’ve really enjoyed very specific loyalty quests – Kasumi’s mission is one of the best video game experiences I’ve ever had, and I appreciated that during Thane’s loyalty mission, I didn’t have to punch anyone, and only fired one bullet. But seriously – this crap is getting old. I’m getting tired of having to talk down my team members from murder, especially when the person they’re pointing the gun at (Sidonis, Ronald Taylor) really deserves to die. And I resent being stuck between a rock and a hard place, even on normal quests.

I miss Wrex, and the ‘simplicity’ of the first game – we were the good guys, going to go save the galaxy. Hell, I even loved the f-ing Maco – and I got to drive it into a mass relay to boot! This time… I’m an undead abomination working for a terrorist organization, recruiting a ship full of maladjusted psychopaths. We fly around the galaxy settling personal scores by killing the members of one of three mercenary organizations. <sarcasm>Fun times were had by all.</sarcasm>

This comic gives me hope, though – maybe Wrex Grunt and I will go get drunk together and kill something big.

5 thoughts on “Mass Effected Out

    • Your post is one of the funniest things I’ve read this month. How do you so consistently pull off that humor? I’m jealous.

      And yah, you said everything much better than I did; I particularly liked the “It’s a short hop from formula to formulaic” and the “I haven’t got enough Renegade points so I’m going to be pointlessly insulting” conversation option.

  1. Of all the loyalty quests, Grunt’s and Samara’s stood out for me the most, I recommend giving those two a shot before packing it in. The former because it doesn’t involve revenge or looking for a family member, and I really don’t remember having to make any real difficult moral choices, it was just brainless and fucking awesome. The latter because I had more fun screwing around on it than actually playing the mission like I was supposed to, if you know what I mean. Tali’s mission is heavy on the moral decisions, but fun too, I almost cried while doing it.

    Sounds like you’re just getting tired of being the good guy, perhaps it’s time to stop talking anyone down and let the bastard take the bullet between the eyes >:D And the nice thing is, if you truly don’t want to do any of the loyalty quests, you don’t have to, just be prepared for the consequences 😉

    • Apparently the MACO handled terribly on the 360, but I played ME on the PC.

      I liked the vehicle – I thought it had some rugged charm. I also did absolutely everything in that game, so I spent alot of time in it, driving to some random ore deposit/downed satellite/Geth incursion.

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