Ships of the Lines: U.S.S. Indomitable

The U.S.S. Indomitable (NX-92981) wasn’t always named such – nor is it even of this universe. Originally a warship of the Terran Empire, the then-named I.S.S. Interdiction was commanded by Captain Jonathan Maxwell, a bigoted human who treated the alien members of his crew as little more than slaves. The joined Trill Xerxes Kahn was seen as a particularly useful piece of Maxwell’s chattel, notable only for her engineering abilities and long memory.

Chattel, that is, until she murdered Maxwell and led a xenos rebellion against the human crew. Playing on centuries-old resentment against the oppressive, human-centric regimen, Kahn united the mutineers and led them in a series of successful hit-and-run operations against the Terran Empire. In the throws of Emperor Spock’s reforms, the Empire was slow to react. But for its lack of haste the Empire’s response was particularly brutal, and the Indomitable was eventually outgunned and outmaneuvered. That’s when Kahn played her trump card – a teleportation device of her own devising, one that carried the Indomitable one hundred years forward and out of the Mirror Universe and into our own.

Starfleet Command was torn about how to respond. The Indomitable‘s crew were refugees, yes, but they were refugees with a powerful, albeit dated, warship. A warship that could, with minimal modifications, be useful on any one of the half dozen military fronts the Federation was currently embroiled in. A compromise was eventually struck: the crew was to be given political asylum, and Kahn could retain command of the Indomitable, so long as she accepted a commission as a ‘Merchant Marine’ in Starfleet and allowed Starfleet personnel to serve on her ship. Seeing no better game in town, Xerxes signed on.

Though superficially resembling a Constitution-class starship of our universe, the Indomitable is significantly different. Its gunmetal-grey hull is more heavily armored, and it bears the dark yellow markings of the Terran Empire’s fleet. Thanks to Kahn’s tinkering, the light-blue phaser banks of the warship pack the same punch as contemporary weapon systems, and despite appearing several centuries out-of-date, the Indomitable has been deemed fit to patrol the Sirius and Regulus Sectors.


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