Linkage: Stories To Tell

So unlike Syp or Gordon, the linking of other blog posts has not become a regular feature of CA. I’ve definitely been trying to read my friends’ blogposts more thoroughly, but actually getting around to compiling their links is currently beyond the pale.

Except that today, it isn’t!

  • Terilynn has written up two hilarious accounts of her experience in STOthe first as an underleveled Lieutenant trying to help in a Fleet Action, the second a story of her (repeatedly frustrated) efforts to liberate Borg Drones. Both are extremely funny and easy to read. (EDIT: only as I linked them did I realize the first was posted in May – I guess that explains why the her level jumps from Lt. to Rear Admiral!)
  • I found this through Twitter’s #STO tag: DevorahQuinn has done exactly what, in a perfect world, I would love to do – write an awesome, detailed story set in the STO universe. I’ve not had the chance to read much of it, but it looks very promising – maybe the author will post how he/she has the willpower and motivation to write so much, so consistently!
  • Moving on to the other Star universe, Tipa offers some spot-on insights into what Clone Wars Adventures is like. It’s a really fun read, and were I half the age I am, I’d probably love to play this game/game-portal. As it is, I can’t shake the feeling that maybe there is some truth to Gary Kurtz’s allegations – I’m not a “sacrifice fun on the pyre of ‘realism’/’canon'” sorta dude, but there are some lines I don’t want to cross – and Jar Jar Binks and Ahsoka Tano are toeing that line, man.
  • And the unflagging GeeCee has written several nice summaries of the current state of SWTOR hype. Seriously, I read her blog and only her blog for TOR information; for instance, I rely on her blog to know when the next installment of Blood of the Empire is up.

Alright, bonus video time! Below is Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” set to footage from The Original Series. It’s a hilarious video, far better than it sounds – I think my favorite part is the crew teleporting out at the line “and when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back.” Well, and the glasses part. And the phone part. Actually, it’s all good.

In my opinion, the only way it could have been better is if the maker had included the crew line-up from “Trials and Tribble-ations”, featuring Bashir and O’Brien.


3 thoughts on “Linkage: Stories To Tell

    • Then you can, fight, fight!

      nah, no need to go write more on BotE – I like your posts just the way they are!

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