… because it works.

Syp points out the God awful wedgie City of HeroesDesdemona is sporting in the most recent advertisement for the Going Rogue expansion pack. It’s… geological. Might as well be painted on. I mean, with that kind of outfit, I can see what she’s an angry villain – and if the heroes are promising her a new outfit, I can see why she’s considering switching sides.


But anyways – in that same vein, Cryptic just posted a new STO poll, asking players to vote on what new outfit they would most like to see added to to the game. I’m not surprised to see the ‘All Good Things’ alternate future uniforms as an option, but even here, the sex is selling. Sure, sure, two of the six options are slinky one-piece affairs worn by sexy, non-Starfleet personnel serving onboard ships in an advisory capacity, but that’s not what I’m distracted by, err focusing on, I mean drawing attention to. The costume that’s currently winning is the “PC Gamer Cover (Open Jacket) Uniform“. Which, for those of you that don’t remember, is this one:

What do ya know? Syp covered this one… err, had this one in han… err… wrote about this one, too. He also has more sexy, sexy pictures.

And you know what else? I voted for the Open Jacket, and I’m completely unrepentant.


6 thoughts on “… because it works.

    • That’s not all I’m seeing. Zing!

      But on a more serious note, if I weren’t playing STO and did want to play an MMO, CoV would be it. I really, really, really liked kicking both hero and villain butt as a self-interested scientist-turned-summoner.

    • Also: I really want to comment more frequently on your blog, but the comments section keeps screwing up for me. Know that I love your blog and read it far more than my dearth of comments would imply.

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