Meet the Crew: Shahi Xerxes Khan

And when I reach the other side
I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can

– Rededication Plaque, U.S.S. Indomitable, 2407

A slave in the waning days of the Terran Empire, Shahi Xerxes Khan was literally worth her weight in gold-pressed latinum: the only thing matching her impressive name was her unsurpassed engineering skill. Unsubstantiated rumors – that she was the only survivor pulled from the wreck of a hyper-advanced, geometrically-shaped craft, that she was a biomechanical hybrid, that she could even directly interface with all types of machinery – only increased her value.

Unfortunately for her erstwhile captors, all of these rumors were true. Worse for them, the former Borg also harbored an unfathomable hatred for the Empire that had so quickly stripped the drone of her new-found freedom. Biding her time, Xerxes eventually took advantage of the turmoil caused by Emperor Spock’s reforms and seized control of the Constitution-class I.S.S. Interdiction. Rebranding her ship ‘The Indomitable’, Xerxes led a bloody slave revolt that devastated three Imperial systems and left the Terran Empire’s Second Assault Fleet in shambles. Finally cornered, Xerxes played her trump card – a teleportation device of her own devising, one that carried her and her loyal crew out of the Mirror Universe and into our own.

Xerxes has no particular love of the Federation, but it is the mirror image of everything the former slave detests. That they’re currently fighting both the resurgent Terran Empire and the Borg helped convince Xerxes that, with no better game in town, she should accept a Captain’s commission and sign on as a sort of ‘Merchant Marine’ to the UFP. Time will tell if that was a wise decision.

I had far, far, far too much fun writing this bio. I’m particularly proud of how it explains why my character goes through the game murdering everything – cause that’s just how even good people from the Mirror Universe roll!

I’m really pumped about starting a new character with my new (old?) Constitution-class starship, and like GeeCee, I’m really looking forward to STO’s Season Two. I’ve yet to actually finalize Xerxes’ full name, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. And props to whoever knows where the Indomitable‘s dedication plaque quote comes from, without Googling it. (And props to Rowan for the idea of making up your own dedication plaques, anyway!)


7 thoughts on “Meet the Crew: Shahi Xerxes Khan

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    • Most excellent! I know you like T’Andy, but if you start another character, let me know. Our Engineers can run together.

    • Just a naming coincidence! Though if Cryptic ever makes a CO-like nemesis system, I might make the Mirror Universe Nezi Khan Xerxes’ bane!

      Also, are you still plinking away at STO? If so, we should totally meet up.

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