The “How Far Can Steam Reach Into My Wallet” Game

Thanks to Anjin of Bullet Points, I’ve been introduced to the “Steam Game” – just how much money will I spend during Steam’s crazy-fantastic ‘Perils of Summer’ Sale?

I’m currently on the down-low with games – my summer class is crazy intense, and any free time has been spent shooting in up in APB. But I’ve still managed to get:

  • Dragon Age: Origins Deluxe Edition
  • Dragon Age: Awakening Expansion Pack
  • King’s Bounty: Gold Edition, and
  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Total, that’s run me $76.37, which is really not that bad. We’re looking at what is reputed to be the best RPGs of this year and its expansion, one of the best RPG/TBS games of the past two years and its expansion pack, and the reworked edition of what is reputed to be the best RPGs of several years back.

I’m not certain when or if I’ll be able to start these games, much less finish them. In particular, they’ve all got a fantasy theme going for them, and I’m much more a sci-fi fan. But we’ll see.

Others have talked about what they bought – how bought y’all?


3 thoughts on “The “How Far Can Steam Reach Into My Wallet” Game

  1. How far along are you in Mass Effect so far?

    And I’m interested to know what you’ll think of DA:O. I think it could be difficult to get hooked on if you’re not that into fantasy, and it’s definitely not for everyone…but if you can into it, it’s a very good game.

    • I’ve gotten four or five members of my team, and done Jacob’s loyalty quest. Right now I’m on the, uh, crime planet and just met back up with Liara. I’m really loving it!

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