APB: Server Qualities

Alternative Title: Water Finds Its Own Level

There are two servers in APB, LaRocha and Zombie. Both of my characters are on LaRocha, but I’ve been thinking about making a Crim on Zombie. So I decided to post on the official forums about the different ‘personalities’ each server possesses:

I was wondering – have the two servers developed any ”personalities” or reputations? I originally read that Zombie was the ”this shit just got real”, ”hardcore” server, and that LaRocha was the RP/creative server. Is that correct? Or just kinda sorta?

I”ve got an Enforcer and a Crim on LaRocha, and I was thinking about making another Crim on Zombie. Is that a good idea?

Within a few minutes, there was this helpful reply:

All I’ve really heard is that La Rocha is the main RP server, and that Zombie was the main PvP server. I could be wrong about Zombie however, I don’t have a character there. Good luck on your search.

Followed by:

WQhat she says is correct. LaRoch tends to be more laid back and mature with a focus on the artists and the role playing. Zombie tends to be where the hardcore PvPrs go. Bigger challenges there, more smacktalk.

And then things began to take a sour turn:

About the only difference at this point is one seems to crash a lot and the other isn’t.

LR is supposedly unofficial official RP server. I guess.

Culminating in this gem of a post:

Here, I”ll make your search a bit easier.

LaRocha – Gay RP Server
Zombie – Not Gay PvP Server

This help? Should lead you in the right direction.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the wide spectrum of responses; I’m really impressed at how perfectly they apparently encapsulated the personalities of their respective servers.

Suffice to say, I’m sticking to LaRocha.

6 thoughts on “APB: Server Qualities

  1. I’ve long believed that PVP of any kind, if emphasized, ruins communities. I think it’s part of the reason LOTRO has such a strong community, since it separated it’s PVP into Monster Play.

    • Many, many, many moons ago, when I first heard about WoW, I thought the downright dumbest thing a game could do was divide its player base into two, non-communicating halves.

      APB is as PvP as a multiplayer FPS, so it feels ‘right’ for this game. That said, you can chat with the other side, and send them in-game mail; my Crim has been running guns for my Enforcers for a while (I unlocked N-TECs with the Blood Roses before the Tigers). I’m glad the divide is not as sharp as it could be.

          • I enjoy the split, because it does two things. 1st I am an altoholic, so it gives me two COMPLETELY different storylines and areas to level in (at least for a while). 2nd I like having an “enemy”. One of the things I didn’t like about AoC was that it had no factions. You couldn’t be “safe” because EVERYONE was a potential enemy. Some people like that, and sometimes I do, but I like factions. Particularly triple factions.

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