Gawker News Network: A Star Is Born

I got my star today.

I’m a regular reader of i09 and Kotaku – they’re pretty much my go-to sources for, respectively, sci-fi/fantasy and gaming news. They favor blog-ish styles of reporting, so they aren’t 100% reliable or unbiased – but they’ve not had any of the problems that other parts of the Gawker News Network have (coughGizmodocough).

Many, many moons ago, the Gawker News Network implemented a ‘starring’ feature in the comments section of their stories. The comments of ‘starred’ members would be featured as normal, but ‘unstarred’ members would have their comments hidden behind a jump. Really good comments left by unstarred members could be promoted and made visible to your normal viewer, but otherwise readers would have to go out of their way to read all the comments. The idea was that this would lead to the best comments always being visible, and the worst hidden away.

Implied by this course of action was that starring would be a meritocracy – you post smart comments, you get promoted. The problem is, it 1) isn’t a very transparent system, and 2) there’s no obvious sense of rising in the ranks. So, if it is a meritocracy, you won’t know it till your work finally pays off.

Anyway, for me that day was today. Meredith Woerner, one of i09’s senior reporters, promoted one of my comments, then starred me. That said, the post that earned me the promotion was definitely not one of my shining moments of insight. Writing on Sam Witwer (of The Force Unleashed and Battlestar Galactica fame), I said:

I have the misfortune of being unable to disassociate Witwer and Crashdown; I hate Witwer for being a douche and a poor officer.

Way to go, AyAitch! First time I’ve written ‘douche’ on the internet, and look where it gets me!


3 thoughts on “Gawker News Network: A Star Is Born

    • Thank ya! On the backend side, it’s nicer, too; there’s a clear ‘Edit’ link for both posts and comments, for instance, not to mention the fact that more of the webpage is devoted to the main post column.

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