APB: For The Ends

Some people will rob their mother for the ends
Rats snitch on one another for the ends
Sometimes kids get murdered for the ends
So before we go any further I want my ends

– Everlast, “For The Ends

I was going to write-up a nice look into my Early Access experience with APB, but my ten hours of play was not significantly different from my earlier review: the game was just as fun, even with the same flaws. Furthermore, HarbingerZero pretty much read my mind when he wrote up his ‘review’ of APB; please, go check out his post on the subject.

I’m going to use this post to expand on what HZ and I wrote previously; specifically, I want to write about my characters, the Social district, and art.

Living It Up

I’ve got two characters, both on LaRocha: Ness, the Enforcer, and Dix, the Criminal. (Friend me up!)

Ness is by far my favorite. She’s named after the leader of the Untouchables, and her new wardrobe made her look even more awesome. I originally wanted to make a ‘punk’ criminal, but thought it’d be even better to have a punk cop. I mean, Enforcers are just vigilantes.

The new threads are pretty cool, though I do hope RTW makes a C.S.A. trainee t-shirt in real life. This might be my favorite pre-order bonus ever.

This said, playing the criminal Dix has its own appeal. I had originally wanted to play her as a low-key street artist and two-bit criminal, but man is HZ is right – a wolfpack mentality quickly sets in. I couldn’t help myself: the game rewards bolder and bolder criminal activity. Soon I was crashing cars into store fronts and stealing appliances.

Rapid descent into the criminal underworld. Here I'm carrying stolen goods to a car that has not yet been appropriated. Way to plan ahead!

That said, I (very darkly) appreciate how similar Enforcer and Criminal activity is on the surface. Case in point:

We're professionals!

Compared with:

But we're certainly not amateurs.

Maybe I secretly appreciate the analysis of law enforcement’s ‘legal’ and ‘appropriate’ monopoly on violence. Or maybe I’m just glad I get to hang out of a car on either side of the ‘law.’

Social Constructs

In Open Beta, I did almost nothing with my clothes, and didn’t even touch the logo creator. I mean, what was the point? The entire shebang was going to be wiped in a few days.

I made up for lost time during the Early Access event this weekend. I always liked the poster for the movie Children of Men (fantastic movie, btw), particularly this one:

I made a perfect copy of this poster for my spray in L4D – I was really proud of my creation, especially because it fit the tone of the game so well.

The spray doesn’t fit APB as well, but I thought ‘hell, why not?’ and remade it. The results were… towering.

Yes, that’s right: there are specific, highly visible places you can tag, even as an Enforcer.

The Art of San Paro

I really, really like the art for this game. The concept art is great, but equally cool is the ‘official’ graffiti you find littered around town.

I’ve secretly always wanted to be a tagger, and thanks to APB, I get to live up that dream. Thanks, Realtime Worlds!

5 thoughts on “APB: For The Ends

  1. See this is where the tutorial again demonstrates how much of a failure it is. How in the world did you tag the side of a building with a custom thing like that?

    Regarding planning ahead, I have to say, I had a car waiting tonight for items, but apparently the safe I jacked wouldn’t fit into my taxi. So then I had to jack a pickup and move all my stolen goods into the back of that. ::sigh:: Its tough work, but a crim’s gotta get new gear ya know?

    • Like you and I both wrote in our reviews, the tutorial is absolute rubbish. By the time I had finished, I still didn’t understand:
      – Non-lethal weapons and arrests
      – Witnessing
      – Open-world crime and crime prevention (delivering cars, crashing store fronts)
      – Graffiti

      Yeah, that group of crims I was running with kept having car space issues. Eventually we upgraded to a van, and then two sets of armored trucks. Unfortunately, the armored trucks got ‘sploded when we had to protect our MVP, but they died really well.

  2. I really fancy giving this a whirl and reading this blog certainly isnt helping that urge. Damn you! say some really bad things about it!

    Maybe a months play wont hurt much?!

    I must say Im very surprised its a subscription game as format wise I would think F2P with microtranscations would be more appropriate. *Meh* I wish I actually paid attention to the open beta period.

    I’ll sit on the side lines and guage your thoughts for now

    • You’re absolutely right – given the current state of the industry, and the style of the game, it seems as if F2P+microtransactions would be the way to go. And that may very well be in APB’s future.

      I hope not, though. I didn’t mind the C-Store for STO at first (and on some level, I still don’t), but I’m slowly growing up more and more resentment toward being ‘nickeled and dimed.’ It doesn’t help that I’m a compulsive collector; in that regard, I was both relieved and elated that APB had only one set of pre-order bonuses.

      I’m really hoping that APB stays the way it is for the foreseeable future; I want it’s ‘play by the hour’ approach to take root in other MMOs.

      • Indeed the play by hour is looking attractive to me I must admit, specifically since I would probably play it as a ‘second game’. I just see a limited scope for the game pretty similar to that of Global Agenda hence I think it may indeed follow suit.

        We will see however, one things for sure its great to see devs trying varied pricing models its actually refreshing to see a bit of choice.

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