Yah know…

… it’s a little obnoxious when someone steals your preview of a game, and then gets higher up in Google search results than your website.


12 thoughts on “Yah know…

  1. What a git… Did they hotlink straight to your screenshots? Maybe you could tweak your original post, and replace the images directly linked with news ones saying “THIS PARASITE STEALS CONTENT FROM…”

  2. Man, that totally sucks 😦

    I’ve had issues with that before but it was/is from automated sites pulling in my RSS feed. I don’t think anyone’s directly copied and pasted my content, at least not to my knowledge.

    In terms of search results, have you submitted an XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools? It’s a good way of helping Google pick your stuff up and it’s very easy to do. WordPress has a plugin for auto generating an XML sitemap and then all you do is submit the URL to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/.

    Send me an email if you want more info!

    • You’re telling me, man! And hey – welcome to the blog! I think this is your first comment, and that is awesome.

      • yeah was slow on the transition over, you seemed to have eluded my feed reader which was strange as your old blog was still there but not feeding out 😦 , anyway have updated my feed etc so looking forward to your future musings 🙂

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