ME2: NPC Love

So, I started playing ME2 this evening (finally!). One of the great things about waiting so long is the fact that I can experience all of the DLCs in a seamless experience with the original plot.

I’ve just, uh, got back the Normandy (see how I avoided spoilers?), and was really glad to see two returning faces:

Doctor Chakwas

Doctor Chakwas: For some strange, inexplicable reason, the good doctor is one of my favorite NPCs. She can’t join your party, she doesn’t even have that much in the way of interaction with Shepard. But she has personality – ‘seasoned’ would be a good descriptor-  and I’ll be damned it I weren’t elated to see she was still the chief medical officer onboard my ship. I totally took the mission to buy her a special flask of alcohol.


Joker: Joker at least makes a little more sense. Seth Green provides a great voice to a really unique character. I know he’s got terribly brittle bones, but I totally wish that he was a romanceable NPC.

My baby.

The Normandy: Come on, she’s totally a character.Running around the Normandy, I’m really impressed with its size. I think it’s neat that BioWare made the new ship more spacious, giving party members their “own” part of the ship as it were. There’s currently alot of locked doors, and the Cylon AI creeps me out. Maybe I’ll get access – eventually, probably as new people join on.


4 thoughts on “ME2: NPC Love

    • HAHAH, that was awesome. Made my morning.

      Wait, so I’m not unique in either of these views? Damn, that makes me feel a little sad. Also, even weirder than before.

      • If you liked that, you should check out some of the other demotivational posters they have posted in the bioware social forums! They are heeelarious (and some are a lot more explicit)! People scare me sometimes LOL

  1. I totally have to finish this game I’m almost through it to the final part but MMOs side tracked me. Great game!

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