TOR: Alderaan

The Old Republic‘s much anticipated new cinematic trailer is out. I watched it here, though there are probably other places.

Watch it, and then my thoughts after the jump.

I know I get on and off the hype train with amazing alacrity, but nothing gets the heart pumping like a good cinematic. In terms of cinematic grandeur, I still prefer the first trailer. But this one was amazing for showing that, yes, Republic troopers are completely badass, and yes, they can hold their own against a Sith.We also got to see a Jedi Consular – maybe Satele Shan, Massively reported – totally do a Hadoken on a Sith. Which was pretty awesome, too.

There are also rumors – much like I predicted in a comment on GeeCee’s blog – that players will have access to customizable starships that could double as housing. Which sounds awesome, because I really love me my Republic-style warships.

5 thoughts on “TOR: Alderaan

  1. Something else, eh? There was some speculation that the jedi was Satele on the forums too (before they crashed), but I’ll just say that if it is her, then something was definitely lost in translation between the people at Blur and the artist they used on the Biographies page and the one that worked on the comics.

    • If by “lost in translation” you mean, “become completely badass,” then yes, you’re absolutely correct. 😛

      • The more I watch this trailer, the more I think it can’t be her…the hair color is all wrong and I had to remind myself that this trailer took place before the treaty of coruscant and the sacking of the jedi temple. She was a jedi knight by then (Threat of Peace comics), but I got the feeling she was still somewhat inexperienced. On the other hand the jedi in this trailer looks like someone in her prime.

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