APB Keys

RPS is giving away a ton of keys for ABP’s quasi-open beta. Since I’ve preodered, I’m set, but just in case they runout before you see this message, I snagged two keys off of RPS to give my loyal readers. First two people to post will get ’em – but please, try their website first!


21 thoughts on “APB Keys

      • I read in the comments section that Canadians were getting European keys, and it wasn’t working. If you can’t set-up your account, I’ll send ya a good ol’ ‘merican one.

        • Ah it’s true…no worries, I got my husband (who is in the US) to request one, and so I’m good, apparently. Keep one on hold for me though, pretty please, just in case 😛

          Funny thing is, the US code they get says “NA”…for north america, which last I checked is where Canada is. is RPS geographically challenged? 😛

            • pffft, I love getting comments, especially if they’re linked – it’s like a conversation! I’m glad to hear your account is a-ok.

              • Looking at that RPS now, it also seems they fixed their little Canada screw-up. Canadians are now getting NA keys too!

                Thanks for the heads up for this, I’ll be checkign this out tomorrow. 🙂

          • Canada isn’t part of North America. We’ve divorced it because of the whole “Canadian Bacon” fiasco. It’s now “North North America” and has no affiliation with other North America’s.


            • Dude, North North America/Canada has the coolest culture. Alot of my favorite bands and web cartoonists are from the north. I mean, Kate Beaton makes me want to be a Canadian.

              • As proud as I am to be a Canadian, you guys still get the best stuff. Sure, we have hockey, ketchup chips, smarties candy and William Shatner, but I envy you Americans always getting the newest innovations and services first. For example, my kingdom for something like Netflix up here (because zip.ca, which is the closest thing to that, really sucks).

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