APB: Gimme That Punk

I’m sorta of a sap for cool game trailers with good music. Case in point, Left 4 Dead:

And though not a trailer, I think I’ll include the intro to Borderlands for good measure:

In both of these cases, these commercials/intros introduced me to cool, new songs. The following APB trailer, though not as cinematically impressive as the above two, is similar in that regard:

On the note of APB, I started poking around Youtube and found a narrated fifteen minute play through, here. It’s a massive pro-APB wankfest, but the footage was really informative. From what I can tell/have read, it really looks like APB is going to be a massively multiplayer online first person shooter. That is probably not everyone’s cup of tea (also: probably pretty obvious to everyone), but I’m excited. I also really like the idea of ‘calling for back-up’ or being alerted to crimes in progress – that’s something that I’d like to see STO implement, personally. Dropping in and out of groups sounds like it’ll be common, so I’m glad to hear voice chat is enabled, too.

The MMO – if that’s even the best description for it – is going to PvP heavy, but I think I can handle that. I mean, Team Fortress is PvP heavy, too. We’ll just have to see if the game has sufficent staying power to convince players to keep playing. At least Realtime Worlds is being realistic/intelligent with their pricing plans.

On another note, I think I’ll preorder APB tomorrow. Pre-ordering gives you access to a limited beta of some sort beginning the 10th – if I get to play, I’ll tell y’all how it is. I’m going with either off of D2D or GamersGate – any suggestions on that front?

Oh, yah, the songs!
Elbow – Grounds for Divorce
Cage The Elephant – Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked
Audio Bullys – Gimme That Punk


11 thoughts on “APB: Gimme That Punk

  1. I’ve only used D2D before and It was OK and if you loose your download at least you can go to their affiliate FilePlanet to download it again.

    Why is it that you aren’t using Steam again? I’d have to say I trust Steam above and beyond either of those 2 sites you mentioned.

    Yes please let us know how it is. I wont be able to get it until the beginning of next month so I’ll be leveling vicariously through you. You’ll have to tell us what will give it more staying power as an MMO player than your average FPS game and what gives it if any a feeling of depth so you want to make it home.

    • I trust Steam more, too. But in my experience, Steam is a terrible delivery system for MMOs. At least when I play EVE, Steam would often be late in releasing client-updating patches. I’m also not wed to Steam – I’ve used GamersGate and Impulse before, depending on price.

      Honestly, I slightly prefer Impulse – it’ll keep my games updated, and I don’t have to constantly run their client in the background. They recognize Steam has a monopoly, and they’re trying to combat that, a sentiment that as a consumer, I support.

      • I bought fallen earth through Steam and it updated with the regular launcher for the game. /shrug

        I agree that supporting the little guy is a good thing… as long as they can provide a good service.

        • hmm. I’ve read that the best way to go about it is disabling Steam’s auto-update for your MMOs. That would probably work.

    • I decided I’d preorder. Ideally, I’d just go straight through APB’s official site, but that isn’t up yet. So I’m getting a little antsy, thinking about alternatives.

      • Heh, I thought you meant you’d decided to go through with the preorder that day 😛 I think I’m going to get this game too, but I’m going to wait to get it through the site, maybe even after it launches.

    • I filled that form out, and it doesn’t take to you an order screen. All that happens is you receive an email saying “we’ll let you know when you can really preorder this game.” So I don’t know what’s up there. I sent an email to their support@ email, but no response yet.

        • I still never got an email back from them (boo), so I’m ordering through D2D right now. Some sort of pre-order beta starts up tomorrow; I’m still madly busy, but I might have time this weekend.

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