Spring Cleaning, of a sort

Like the woman said, it’s never too late for some spring cleaning. Inspired by GeeCee’s post, I decided I’d clean up some of the old, and consider the new.


I’ve uninstalled DDO (8 gigs), Champions Online (2.5 gigs), and the Global Agenda demo (7 gigs !!!). I also uninstalled Dawn of War: Soulstorm (so baddddd), the Torchlight level editor (it didn’t let me modify save game files :^( ), and Halo.

DDO was fun, and free, and it has amazing charm (I absolutely love the ‘GM’ narration), but I’ve got alot on my plate. To top it all off, high fantasy is my least favorite MMO genre – that’s definitely one of the reasons that I’m completely unphased by LOTR’s going free.

I wrote about my experience with Global Agenda previously, and my first impressions never changed. To be fair, I didn’t play any more… but hey, that’s what first impressions are for. I really do want an FPS-MMO, but Global Agenda isn’t the one for me.

Champions Online was… huh. I never got the game to run as well as I wanted to, and my first month ran out before I got my newer graphics card. I hear it can be a fun as a casual MMO, but the last thing I need is another one of those – if I want a ‘casual MMO’, I’ll play Borderlands, thank ya very much. Worst of all, Champions Online was, in my opinion, never as much fun as City of Villains.

Processing… Processing…

Speaking of which, I updated City of Villains today and started to take steps to reaccess my account (I forgot the password and the email address I used to make the account is defunct, gone when I graduated college).

So, so awesome...

I don’t know what I’m thinking here – it’d be a silly, stupid idea to resubscribe, but I just can’t get over the fact that CoV has been the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO, at least till I started to play Age of Conan. And even there, the jury is still out about which one is best.

I’ve not touched STO for at least a month, but I have a Lifetime Subscription for a reason, right? Right?


On the subject of future ideas, I decided I’d preorder APB today. RealtimeWorlds did an absolutely awesome, bang-up job on Crackdown (to this day, Crackdown is one of the only console games I’ve ever beaten), and I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground for their MMO for a while. Also, I really like their ‘pay by the hour’ approach (that would be perfect for my playing habits), and their monthly fee – $10 – seems very reasonable. And to top it all off, I’m completely down with Mass Effect-style third person shooters.

Maybe, for once, I'll play a male character. Though the female detective at five o'clock is pretty hot, as is the Ripley-wannabe at two.

Notice I said I decided to preorder. Currently, the only place you can get it is through Steam, and I’m really opposed to getting MMOs through there. I like Steam and all, but I’ve had some pretty dumb experiences trying to update EVE Online through that client. The only reason I’d go through Steam would be if they offered achievement synchronization (like they did for CO), and even then I’d still be really iffy. So I’m waiting for the preorder to open up through their website.


14 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, of a sort

  1. I think I’m going to try APB as well, maybe for a month or so before I decide where to go from there. Cops or robbers…hmm. Judging from that picture, to play one of the bad girls you gotta be prostitute, or at least dress like one. The one at 8 o’clock int the feathered-get up, like seriously, what the fuck.

    • From the clips I’ve seen and things I’ve read, the customization options are through the roof. It’s probably more like you can look like a skank, not that you have to.

      Also, the game comes with fifty hours of play time, and if you pre-order, an additional ten. That will probably be more than enough for me, considering I’ve only played 30 hours of AoC this past month.

      • LOL I know you can probably customize your character’s look, I just wanted to poke fun at the ridiculousness of what some of the females in that picture are wearing.

        So, Steam is the only place you can preorder right now? For the free extra 10 hours, maybe I’ll look into that…

        • I mean, it’s a trade off, ya? I suspect the game with drop in price within a few weeks of release – $30 would be a good bet, if not lower. So, it’s $50 for 60 hours, and you get to play from the beginning (or even before), with a few bonus items – or its the hypothetical $30 for 50 hours, and a wait. Which, considering this is an MMO launch, waiting wouldn’t necessarily be bad.

          Yep, there’s currently a pre-order through Steam, though the APB site has a place to sign up for receiving info on when they’ll start doing pre-orders through the actual site. D2D also has a preorder.

          • Oh no Now I’ll never See anyone in AoC! I’ll probably buy APB with my last day of the month paycheck seeing how its only a few days after release and Everyone will have said if its terrible or not by then.

            • I’ll still be playing AoC! What’s keeping me from the game right now is that my husband never wants to play the Khitans and bugs me to play the Taurens in WoW instead. That’s the problem of having a spousal leveling contract and my character tethered to his…I can’t play her if he’s not up for it 😛 Maybe I should brave Tortage again and start up another Khitan alt.

              • Yeah, and I’m still in, too!

                Damn, I wish we could use our leveling points to get through Tortage faster…

          • Actually I just went and looked at some of the podcasts again. I may have to pre-order to play early. they have an in game Sound editor so you can make and sell music and people have to hear it when you kill them! AWESOME!

  2. Hmm still unsure about APB but then again its pretty much sneaked in under my radar (unforgiveable for an MMO tourist like myself), I’ll watch this one from the sidelines and keep an eye on your blog for your impressions.

    • Well, maybe. I finally regained control of my account – the support staff kindly reset my email and password after I provided them miscellaneous information (game keys, addresses, etc.) – but I don’t know if I’ll be signing back up just yet.

      CoX is the sort of game I love to play on lazy summer days, and the problem is, is that I won’t have a lazy summer day till August. My school is just letting out, but I’ve got an intensive language program about to start up on the 20th. So I just don’t think I’ll have the time to make it worth it.

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