In a fit of madness genius, I decided to change up my blog. The old look was nice and all, but I wasn’t really feeling the Star Trek vibe anymore. That’s not surprising, considering I’ve not logged in to STO for over a month.

As coincidence would have it, I just got in a copy of Newton’s Wake, a space opera set in a post-Singularity universe. I’ve not started reading it, but I absolutely knew I had to buy it when I heard the protagonist’s profession – combat archaeologist. And, seeing as combat archaeology and adventurer historian-ing are so similar, I decided that that would be a perfect name to rechristen the site with.

So alas, is no more (though the url still points here) – I splurged and bought a new url:

Thanks for reading so far – and here’s to many more awesome posts to come! To ring in the new, check out the new ‘My MMO History And Characters‘ page, an idea I completely stole from GeeCee.

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Love the new look! One day, I think I’ll want to get my own domain as well, and might choose a more generic, neutral name for my blog LOL…even MMOGC or GeeCee would be nice.

    Going to update your link on my blogroll now!

    • Thank ya! I thought about trying my own WordPress-powered website, but decided against it. I’d have to give up the easy of these comments – and my own domain name was what I most wanted, anyways. And I got that for the low, low price of $15 a year.

  2. Heyo. Just realized your blog had changed when I checked my RSS feed and visited it manually. 🙂

    Replaced my Blogroll link with Combat Archaeology so that I don’t forget you’ve changed your layout and whatnot. Cheers!

    • woot! yeah, I’m really happy with the new layout, especially the wider ‘first’, post column.

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