Not Dead…

... unlike those dudes.

Real Life is currently the bane of my free time. It’s the end of the quarter out hear in sunny California, and that means I’ve got papers to write – and grade. I haven’t been able to play any MMOs for the past week, excepting a few hours with AoC today.

It’s unfortunate, because

  1. I’m really enjoying the Gateway of Khitai;
  2. I’m finally ready to go back and enjoy my Barbarian;
  3. I’m really committed to making the Hyborian Courier Service awesome;
  4. And last but not least, because this is the point where I’ve crapped out of every MMO ever. I really want to break this “I never get to high-end content” curse and level up a character in AoC!

Anyways, enjoy the game for me – and seriously, keep the spirt of HCS alive!

Also: it looks like Funcom fixed at least one of the graphical errors with Heralds of Xotli! When I get a fire fatality, I no longer shoot flames perpendicular to my target – I actually blast them with a bolt of fire from my hand! Awesome.


One thought on “Not Dead…

  1. Despite your time away, I think your character still out levels mine LOL! I’m taking my time with this, though I wouldn’t mind getting another character in AoC to level cap. There’s nothing I can do on my PoM nowadays anyway, not until the Khitai zones stabilize for me.

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