Crafting, Questing, and Me

My kappa doesn't seem bothered by the noise. Or the half dozen minions who REALLY want this copper.

Khitai doesn’t currently have a resource zone, but that is more than made up for by the resource nodes sprinkled all over the map. I know that it was an obvious choice on Funcom’s part, but I’m really glad that all the nodes are resources that level 20 characters can harvest (copper, ash, sandstone, etc.). Since I really want to be our budding guild’s architect, all of these resources are really fantastic, and generally the nodes are completely untapped. I guess the characters running through here are 1) alts that don’t need resources, or 2) new players that don’t need resources. I can’t figure it out, otherwise.

Speaking of crafting, how is it in AoC? My only, limited experiences with crafting come from WoW (perma-Journeyman!), and SWG (were I like modified a gun a little once?). I’m looking forward to giving this a shot, so if you have any tips or tricks, let me know!

That's a great wall, definitely. And yes, I finally got rid of those Tortage-era pants I was wearing in the first screencap.

As for Khitai proper – I’ve been really enjoying the layout of the quests in this zone. There are natural subdivisions of the larger map – like the Ancient Ruins just south of the wrecked trading caravan – which offer a series of self-contained, soloable quests that tell a little story. I’m really impressed at how well this zone is laid out – the quest givers are a little more decentralized and a little less connected than in, say, Conall’s Valley, and it really works. Funcom somehow pulled off an expansive-feeling zone that isn’t actually a pain to cross on foot.

There is room for improvement, of course – mostly bugs in the XP part. Some of my quests are apparently worth 0 XP, and it seems that killing Risen Hyrkanians grants 0 XP, too. Some of the quests have been a little bugged in terms of hand off, too. But it hasn’t hurt my enjoyment of the game, not in the least. Just small bits of rough, marring an otherwise polished surface.

2 thoughts on “Crafting, Questing, and Me

  1. I headed into the Purple Lotus Swamp after Leaving Tortage and did the gathering quests there.
    I find it off that after the 2 initial tiers (ash , ebon ash ) you don’t get to gather anything new until lvl 50 : / … crafting itself isn’t until level 40 as well .
    I’ve been picking up any resources i run into in stygia , looking forward to building the guild city !

    • I’ve never been high level enough in AoC to gather, much less craft, but I admit its intriguing. I’m usually a big crafter and the leveling requirements are a bit of a turn off as such. On the bright side, I’m not stopping every five seconds to harvest the living daylights out of whatever node just happened to be within shouting distance of my route..which means faster leveling.

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