Stumbling Through the Gateway

I’ve had mixed success with Rise of the Godslayer today. It started off pretty bad, but got better by the end.

I've had it up to HERE with Tortage. I swear, if I don't get out of here soon, I'm going to follow a pirate in to a dark alley and murd-Oh! OOHHHHHHH

Before I could get to Khitai, I still had Tortage to get through. I made the mistake of doing every quest I wanted to do the first time I went through Tortage. Bad idea. So to help me get through it, I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish while in the Barachan Isles:

  • I get through the Xantia’s Wrath quest chain (both parts).
  • I’d help Donus uncover the plot tying Sakumbe and Strom with a cannibalistic necromancer.
  • I’d do the secret mission of White Sands Isle, Xan’s Bounty. (I had never done it before! It was exciting!)
  • I’d kill a bunch of Picts.
  • I’d kill a bunch of Red Hand.

The last one was the trickiest – thanks to the influx of new Khitani characters, there were probably more PCs down in the Underhalls than there were guards.

Xantia's Wrath: creepy as fuck, just like old times.

While doing all this, I teamed up with some members of the Hyborian Courier Network.

This is not what it looks like!

Here, Thac0 and I offer a fiery sacrifice to our dark god Xotli help fight an outbreak of Pictish ghouls! Thank the Lord that those fine, upstanding citizens were around, doing what they do best: burning things to death.

This is ALSO not what it looks like!

And here I fight alongside Chimea, one of the newest members of the Hyborian Courier Network. I’m offering a fiery sacrifice to our dark god Xotli making a new friend! (pfft, like Set is any better!)

Eventually, I fought my way through the last destiny quest (my squishy HoX only died four times!), and made plans to sail for Khitai.


That’s when things hit a little snafu. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t talked with Decario, the Shadow Brotherhood contact in Tortage. I mentally groan – I was done with Tortage, and I really didn’t want to go back to a ‘liberated’ Tortage still crawling with Red Hand guards. But I sucked up and went.

“Alright,” I says, “this’ll be easy – I’ll advance further into the Gateway to Khitai, find a Quartermaster veteran vendor, and get the teleport stones I need.”

No such luck – I couldn’t find a quartermaster anywhere. “Oh well,” I think to myself, “there’s a porter that’ll take me back to Tortage for free. I’ll just set up my Asura stone and be off.”

I arrive in Tortage, and… Decario was bugged. He won’t give quests to Khitani characters. So, great, waste of time. I smuggled myself back out of Tortage, and land in Stygia. “Great,” I say, “I’ll just Asura back to-

-Tortage. The game glitched and hadn’t registered I’d set a new home. Just great. But, hey! I’d be able to take the overland path, with its really cool random encounters. And I had wanted to do the resource gathering quests as soon as possible anyways, and Stygia was a great place to get them.

So I got all the resource quests under my belt, and started back toward Khitai. I failed the first mission, which involved me trying to get water from an oasis while avoiding dust devils – get hit by one once, and its “oh fuck everyone died of dehydration let’s go back to Khemi.”

Aside from the crippling heat, it was a very pretty place.

The second time around, I fought sand worms. Fuck yeah.

Tanaji: 1, Sandworm: 0

So, now I’m back in Khitai, a little wiser. I notice I’ve got a glitched quest:

I'm sorry Tanaji, but I can't allow that.

But I ignore it. I’m not going back to Tortage, not for 3000 XP.

And then… the game starts to run really, really crappily. Regardless of what I do, I can’t get more than 20 fps out of the client. I curse to myself, realizing that these massive Khitani zones are going to be the death of my playing experience.

So I screw around with the video settings for half an hour, and eventually call it quits. I turn off the computer, do a bit of work, and fire the game back up.

And everything runs beautifully with High graphics. What. The. Hell.

Since then, I’ve played for several hours. The game has been alot of fun, despite the strange situation where I’m simultaneously killing Hyrkanian, and running quests for them. Hell, I’ll be in the Hyrkanian camp, dropping off quests, and I’ll be attacked by Hyrkanian hanging out on the periphery. Funcom: This does not make sense. I guess I really am a mercenary.

10 thoughts on “Stumbling Through the Gateway

    • It is alot of fun! My one word of advice is: resist the urge to do everything the first time. If you ever make an alt, having unexplored quests might make the Tortage experience bearable a second time through.

  1. I noticed that the game was running better in DX10 mode till I got to the Road to Khitai. The cool openness of the zone I think is a drawback graphically for someone like me with out a super rig. But boy does the game look great!

    And I agree with you, why am I killing Hyrkans and then running missions for them, I don’t get it, but I like the XP.

    • I’ve not had the guts to go with DX10, but looking over your blog’s post on the subject, I have to agree – that damn smoke really slows things down. The village in Conall’s Valley was hard for me, too – so many people, so much fog.

      And, if you’ve not signed on, consider join the Hyborian Courier Network! We’re always looking for fun, new blogger faces!

    • Ironically, when I was having memory leak issues in Khitai, running the game on DX10 seemed to temporarily fix the problem. Haven’t been back there for a while, but I’m hoping the little patch they put in yesterday helped fix the issues.

      • Well, I had my problems before the patch, but shutting down my computer and restarting the client seemed to really help. I’ve not had any problems sense, and the game is really beautiful.

  2. What is the secret mission of White Sands Isle, Xan’s Bounty? Where does it start and what do you need to do. I want to fin it on my next of one of my current trips through Tortage.

    • When you get off the rowboat on White Sands Isle, head right along the surf. A little bit of a ways down – before you hit any Picts – you’ll come across a useable bottle. You have to be level 15 to receive the quest, otherwise nothing happens after using it.

  3. my poor TOS looks like she allready resigned herself to her fate on the sacrifice altar in that
    screenshot .
    and look at that wicked face Tanaji is making !
    That’s it ,… no more heals for you ! πŸ˜›

    • I like to think Chimea has a song stuck in her head, and she’s happily rocking out to her own humming. πŸ™‚

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