Slaying, Gods, Etc.

I’ve been posting too much about Gaming As Serious Business, and not mentioned at all how much fun I’ve been having in RotG. That ends now!

Here’s Tanaji, my new Herald of Xotli, pimpin’ some pirate boots:

I think Funcom did a fantastic job with the new race, especially the new tattoos.

Of course, there was the requisite save Casilda quest. I just do not understand GeeCee’s obsession with that whore. She’s probably got the pox.

Tanaji glowers with generic rage at GeeCee.

Of course, I’ve got my own hang ups.


It’s probably a good thing I’ve not tried my hand at Conan fan fics.

Anyways, I’ve been playing toward Tortage again. Lots of Khitan running around, which should come as no surprise. I had heard a little rumor that Funcom was going to be adding some Asian flare to Tortage – did that pan out? Has anyone encountered anything changed?

Unfortunately, a HoX’s hair still glitches out when transforming back to human form. That’s a little annoying… oh well, hopefully it’ll be fixed on of these days?

In other news, the Hyobrian Courier Service has burgeoned to an all-time high of six members! Openings are still available, though! Apply in game! Be awesome!

4 thoughts on “Slaying, Gods, Etc.

  1. I haven’t seen any Asian flair except all the Khitians running around. Those Tattoos make you look really scary though! Yikes!

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