The Hyborian Courier Service

That fire? The lighthouse - OF THE FUTURE!

First there was the Federation News Service. And now, I present to you – the Hyborian Courier Network!

Basically, I thought it’d be a fun idea to have something like the FNS in Age of Conan – that is, a guild composed of bloggers and internet writers. I also wanted to know what it was like to build a guild from the ground up – gather resources, build every building, that sort of thing.

Currently, the guild is only me, which is alright! We all have to start somewhere. I know that, with Rise of the Godslayer coming out today, alot of my internet friends are going to be making new Khitan alts. Might I suggest you give your sword/bow/staff to the Hyborian Courier Service?

And guys? In preparation for RofG, don’t forget to go to your Accounts page –> Select A Service –> Upgrade My Subscription to see if you have a beginner’s weapon to choose!  They’re nice weapons that increase EXP gain and have a higher fatality rate than normal, perfect for getting back into the swing of things. You can only choose one per account, though!

EDIT: Obviously, my name! I’ve got Khatri, the barbarian pictured above, and Karnatak, my soon-to-be Herald of Xotli. Friend up, yo!


20 thoughts on “The Hyborian Courier Service

  1. I will join up. AoC is a game where you really need a guild anyway for crafting and stuff.

    I see we’ve all been reading the forums like crazy. I saw that weapon thing yesterday. They really hid that well. I have a new club i guess as I’m expecting to roll a new Shaman this evening if i can patch before bed. I cant wait! Aaaaah!

    I’ll be all over the Forums again today as “Mahdensha” my old main from the Set server. I’ll have to change that after i make a new character to call my main.

    I really need to get my blog off the ground, I’v been too lazy to think of things to write. Its a process I guess 😛

  2. I will probably join up with my new Khitan. My two other characters though, are in a great guild already and I’ve developed a rapport with the guild leader so they’ll probably stay there.

    • Oh noes! So are we saying this will only be a “fun” guild? Not that I’m opposed to fun but my Khitai character will be my new main and i want to be in a functioning guild.

      Hey GC maybe you can talk your guild leader into letting us all in so we can still be in a big guild and be together on our mains? We’d just be missing the name.

      • Yeah, this is a fun guild that I am taking half seriously. I really want to build buildings and make things awesome, but if it doesn’t fly then it doesn’t fly.

          • No, you’ve got a really good point. Minimum to found a guild city is 25 players, I think, so we can’t stay that small.

            And anyways, this is a completely opt-in affair. If you don’t join up, no hard feelings – I won’t suddenly stop talking to you in game!

            Like my tag says – “hair brained scheme.” I just wanted to try this out, ya know?

      • Hey you never know, we might get more people into the HCN, enough at some point to start up our own guild city etc. etc!

        Trust me, I’ll be spending most of my time on my new Khitan for the next little while anyway, with you guys! I’m psyched about Tortage and levels 20 to 40/50 again. Any other time spent in game will be on my BS because my husband is constantly nagging me to level his DT with him. With all that, I don’t think my 80 PoM will get any playtime any time soon.

        The guild system is great in AoC, but like Thac0 mentioned, it’s meant for larger guilds. But like AyAitch says, let’s see how it goes. I’m excited to play with you all, and if HCN flourishes, great! If at a later date you all decide to join another guild, also cool! As for the one I’m in now, the guild leader is awesome, depending on what happens, I can definitely talk to him and explain how I have a few friends who want in.

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  4. Blue Kae already sent me an invite, so I’m happy to say my new PoM is in HCN now. Looking forward to hanging out with such great people!

  5. I had my TOS join the HCN ,I am not a blogger but a regular reader so thanks for the invite guys . It was fun meeting some of you in game , and chatting it up in gchat.
    Let the good times Roll !

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  7. I really like this idea. Very smart. If I wasn’t,

    a) EU based
    b) still on a trial account

    I’d be very keen to join in. Will subscribe and keep up-to-date with how things progress.

    • Well, you’re currently not missing out on much – right now, I and many of the players that make up the HCN are playing Star Trek Online. I still have six months+ left in my year-long sub to AoC, so I’ll probably be back. Nice blog, by the way!

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