The gates to Khitai have opened, says AyAitch in his best old oriental man voice.

I’m downloading the expansion pack now, but a few things to hold loyal readers over:

7 thoughts on “Online

  1. Ha, and I was just about to litter the MMORPG croc giveaway links all over my fellow bloggers’ comment sections! Thanks for saving me the trouble lol.

    And I’ll be in game in a couple of minutes. I’ll leave info on my new Khitan’s name when I figure stuff out.

    • Aye, 3.8 gigs is a bitch! My husband bought the retail box and even he had 1.2 gigs or so to patch. He has slow internet where he is now though, so he wasn’t able to play last night because of that.

    • Haha! That sucks but now I know that I have time to go back and play with the character creator for a bit tonight and not get to behind. Too bad I already got to 10 on one character yesterday.

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