Leveling Woes

I just hit level 34 in AoC. Conall’s Valley, where I have spent most of my time, is pegged for levels 20 to 32. It’s time to move on.

Farewell, beautiful vale.

But I’m feeling some discomfort.

For starters, I’ve still got one unfinished quest in Conall’s Valley – taking down the leader of the Ymirish-Vanir warhost, Lodur Frostbeard.

I’m frustrated with how the last 30-32 quests – including Frostbeard’s – have worked out. They’re in the Ymirish-Vanir camp mentioned above, which is crawling with elite NPCs. And quests in the same quest chain will have you retrace your steps and return to the base to fight some more.

What this means is that if you’re lucky, you’ll get a pick-up party going and fight your way into the bowels of the camp. You’ll probably get three of four quests done, then call it quits. You’ll go back to the NPCs, turn in your quests – and have another quest to the same, elite-infested area. Meaning you need to put together a new pick-up group, probably on another night.

I’ve lucked out twice now. But another trip to the same tuft I’ve had hard fights over twice doesn’t sound too fun.

Secondly, I don’t know what to do after Conall’s Valley. There’s no Cimmerian areas for levels 32 through 40. There’s also no quests that take me to a new zone, something that I thought was pretty standard in MMOs.

I’ve stuck my head into Stygia for a few hours, but I plan to take my future Herald of Xotli there – I don’t want to ruin the new-car smell just yet. Aquilonia’s low mid-range area drops out at level 37, so I’ll probably have to go to Stygia.

Or… I could use my off-line leveling tokens, go straight to level 40, and keep fighting in Cimmeria’s next area, the Fields of the Dead.

Loyal readers, what did you do when you got to this point? How did things break down for you? Am I completely mistaken – are there quests waiting for me in the Fields of the Dead? That’d make my day.

9 thoughts on “Leveling Woes

  1. This may be a perfect opportunity to use those tokens, especially if you intend to save content for another toon. WoW had several parts like that: where you had to keep returning to an instance with a group to continue a quest chain that certainly would have been more efficient to go through only once. Now, with the dungeon finder system, it’s much easier to get in groups even for the lower level instances.

    • I decided I would finish every quest in my journal, just to be done with any task a Cimmerian gave me. The EXP has worked out really well – I almost completely leveled through 34 this morning. So we’ll see if it’s necessary.

  2. I don’t recall what I did at that level to be honest. I would guess you can go do some quests in Aquilonia if you don’t want to go through Stygia. Also I wouldn’t worry too much about burning content for your HoX because on Tuesday there will be a brand new level 20-40 zone to explore.

    One thing i do recall that helped me at your spot when it got slow was to go to your zone for trade skills and do the quests to get them. In the process I gained a few level and it opened up more options to me after.

    • I’ve done the majority of the trade skill quests. For the time being, I’m stuck three-quarters through the leatherworking one – I just haven’t killed enough animals to get all the leather I need. I’m pursuing the black silver prospecting quest, but who knows how long till that thing drops.

      Otherwise, I’m set on my trade skill quests till level 50!

      • Also you can run Black Temple and Sanctum a few times for gear and XP! Those are for people about your level and if your a bit low you can get apprenticed.

  3. I’d be wary about boosting your character from level 34 to 40. If it’s the same as I remember from launch your gear is probably near useless stat-wise, but a 6 level gap of not getting any new gear or weapons could make the level 40 content rough.

    Just something to think about.

    • I’ve got some pretty nice blue gear right now, so a jump of five levels would hurt, but probably not put me completely out of combat.

      That said, I’ve not yet used any of my offline levels, so I’m sorta following your advice!

  4. I just moved on to the next zone. There will be bread crumb quests sometimes in AoC, but they won’t always be right in front of you or available. You’ll have to go find the quests and explore the zones in some cases. Remember how I said also that sometimes you’ll have to do a bit of “zone bouncing”.

    • Forgot to add that it might change with the expansion though. Like Thac0 mentioned, I also wouldn’t worry about too much about burning content for your H0X. Just go where your adventures take you.

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