Special Unlockables and Me

As established previously, my experience with MMOs has been rather limited. There is, however, one additional trait I’ve recently noticed in myself: I absolutely love getting special unlocks.

Some strange, obsessive part of my psyche likes to get ‘unique’ items. This usually requires I throw away money, but like I said – obsessive.

Exhibit A) Star Trek Online

  • Wrath of Khan Admiral’s Uniform
  • Star Trek Online – Preorder
  • Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription
  • Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion A
  • Star Trek Online – Retail
  • Star Trek Online – Digital Deluxe

After thinking about the matter long and hard, I decided that a Borg Bridge Officer would be a better long-term investment than a Constitution-class starship, so I pre-ordered from Amazon.* Then, I decided that for the first and only time in my life, I’d go to Del Taco and get the dumb little Shuttle that can follow around your spaceship.

And then, with just hours of playtime under my belt, I decided that a lifetime subscription was in order, and I got my Liberated Borg character. Later, Cryptic sweetened the deal with The Captain’s Table – which is completely awesome, and also deserted.

So far, no real psychosis.

Then I realized Trill were sorta sexy (and here!), and also that the Joined Trill trait was awesome (anything for better Science powers! Anything!), and also that I wanted The Original Series uniforms, and also that a point-defense laser would be nice. So I bought the Digital Deluxe Edition when it was on sale for ~$30.

Was it worth it? WAS IT WORTH IT?!

Guys, because I’m a lifer, I didn’t even get an additional month of playtime.

Exhibit B) Age of Conan

This hasn’t developed into full-scale delusions of grandeur yet… but my mind is furiously trying to figure out which combination of awesome signing bonuses I want from The Rise of the Godslayer expansion – I mean, the possibilities are nearly endless.

This is in addition to the bonuses I already have. I upgraded to the full game from the trial at the time FunCom was offering some sort of “signing bonus” – right now, I’ve got bonus Bag of Holding, a Bag of the Mammoth Rider (WTH?), a Blue Snow Mammoth, a Hyrkanian Headguard (which use to only have a 2% EXP modifier, but now has a 10% modifier CRAZY), as well as a starter weapon of my choice.** On top of that, when I subbed, if I went in for six months or more, I got the game client (ostensibly $20, but it’s selling on Amazon for $5) for free. So I did that.

Back to the matter at hand – getting the expansion. As GeeCee has pointed out, the ‘Loyal Kappa’ preorder bonus is fugly as all fugliness. The Puma – sight unseen – seems like it might be a better choice, if only because there’s a chance that it wasn’t ruthlessly beaten by the ugly stick. And, the Puma comes with the hard copy, which would be a nice asset to have handy.

But do I want to invest any money in all of these crazy upgrades?!

Thankfully, I don’t have to choose – I can have them all. The pre-order from Amazon comes with the Loyal Kappa (whose ugliness might grow on me yet), the Puma, a reworked Snow Mammoth (I have a Huge Mammoth, is that the same?), aannnddd the Tortage Survival pack.*** MWAHAHAH To be fair, the Amazon version of the game is $5 more expensive than the digital version – though the Tortage Survival pack is valued at $25.

But, remember, I said that I’m obsessed with unlockables, right? So, when I ordered my copy of The Rise of the Godslayer, I also got the Collector’s Edition of the original game. Because, you know, I want a drinking cape.

* I have heard that the Borg Bridge Officer “pre-order bonus” is actually included with any copy of STO ordered from Amazon. I know that when I ordered Champions Online off of Amazon three weeks after the game was released, my copy of the game came with the three costume pieces that were touted as the preorder bonus – it was even printed straight onto the box! So, if you really want an Efficient Bridge Officer that 1) isn’t a Saurian and 2) is a sexy former Borg, then you might give it a shot.
** I actually found out about the additional starter weapon only today! I discovered it when I was poking around my account settings. You might have one, too! Go to “Upgrade My Subscription” page, off of the main Account home page – underneath the option of for a 12 month upgrade, there might be a small box that says something about unlocking something special for your account.
*** Ok, ok, so the Tortage Survival Pack is sorta of a “signing bonus redux” affair:
– Pick Beginner Weapon
– Totem of Origins
– Enruned Kosalan Ring
– Bag of Holding
– Huge Mammoth Mount
– 10 Pack Experience potions – 100% to regular xp for 12 hours
– 30 Days Free Game Time
– 2 Festive Fireworks
I’ve already got a beginner weapon (will I get another one?), a bag of holding, and a Mammoth mount of some sort. But the Totem of Origins of and the Enruned Kosalan Ring are cool (remember, I had to choice between them when subbing?), and those EXP potions mean I don’t have to spend my veteran tokens (which, let me tell you, I’m absolutely rolling in.) Unfortunately, after looking at the FAQ, it looks like I don’t get the 30 additional days.
**** The Ring of Acheronia doesn’t hurt, nor does the soundtrack, the leather map of the world in the Hyborian Age, or the art book. Also, it’s like $16, meaning basically I get a bunch of goodies for one dollar more than the one month of sub time it already comes with.

12 thoughts on “Special Unlockables and Me

  1. I caved and upgraded to Might of Crom. I decided I really want a killer rhino.

    My husband might do it too (he always wants the things I have!) but he’ll be buying the retail box from a store or something, since he’ll be somewhere with really crappy internet when the release date arrives. So he’ll have to upgrade once he gets his retail key. Works out well, I guess, since if something every happens where I have to reinstall, I can just use his hard copy.

    I’ll probably be jealous of his puma pet though.

    • Was ordering off of Amazon not an option? That seemed like the best of all possible worlds to me – get both the puma and the kappa, plus some other assorted goodies!

      • I would, but…I hate the Canadian amazon.ca with a passion. I would have ordered from them if there was some guarantee they would get the game to me in a reasonable amount of time. But they have been known to be more than a month late in shipping pre-orders.

    • And hey! Killer rhinos are awesome! And with that Might of Crom addition, you might actually have more unlocks than me!

      (oh noes whatever will I do maybe I should get the Might of Crom too)

    • Well, I’m not yet sold on The Secret World – though it looks sorta interesting – but anything Lovecraftian is cool in my book.

  2. Your STO features look scarily similar to mine.

    Star Trek Online Closed Beta
    Wrath of Khan Admiral’s Uniform
    Star Trek Online – Preorder
    Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription
    Star Trek Online – Digital Deluxe
    Star Trek Online – Retail Collectors Edition
    Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion B
    Star Trek Online Public Test Shard

    • ooohhhh you were in the closed beta!

      Man, that’s a fine list! You got the retail Collector’s Edition? Is that the one that came with the TNG uniforms, and the Red Matter Capacitor? Also, what pre-order bonus did you go with?

      And finally – I wanted to do the testing of Tribble, but that was a hard school week, and I didn’t feel like gaming the system – i.e. sitting idle for an hour – to get the special unlocks.

      • Closed beta via my Champions sub. I bought the digital edition via Direct2Drive which had the TOS uniform, Joined Trill, and a plasma turret (that’s what I remember anyway). I bought the retail edition just to get the TNG and DS9 uniforms, it did include the RMC but I’ve never actually messed with it.

        I don’t actually live near a Del Taco, but a friend from Twitter who plays Champions/STO had a bunch of them and gave me one.

    • Wow, those are some crazy lists, both of you. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted some of these features. I was THIS close to getting the retail collector’s edition, because they included an art book. If they had thrown in a soundtrack and a better item than the die cast badge, it would have been a done deal.

      And screw you guys, we as far as I know we don’t have Del Taco locations here in Canada.

      • The art book is pretty nice. The badge is pretty well made as well, but it’s not something I would ever wear. There are some lines of geekiness that I can’t cross.

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