Nuance! What is this ‘nuance’?

The new TOR comic, Blood of the Empire, is really good. The Sith come across as very… badass. And the artwork is much, much better than The Threat of Peace.

But I’m concerned about the protagonist actually being likable. Earlier, we learned Darth Malgus actually “took an alien lover, treating her more as a wife than as a slave.”

What the hell, Sith? You’re too soft! I’m all for anti-villains, but this is the Sith we’re talking about. They eat babies.

3 thoughts on “Nuance! What is this ‘nuance’?

  1. Yay, some SWTOR webcomic love. I didn’t mind the artwork in Threat of Peace that much, what I couldn’t stand was how the story was so disjointed because we got only like 3 pages for each update, and as well the script could have been better. So far I’m liking the new one.

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