In Far Away Khitai

So, apparently, the Rise of the Godslayer expansion pack has been dated for a May 11th release. Which is in keeping with Tuesdays-are-electronic-release-dates… but, the official AoC site is being crazy and not loading properly, and I’ve not seen any official statement from FunCom. I also want to find out what special goodies come with the boxed game, and if any do with the digital release; I’m all about the goodies.

But! At least we have a general idea of what’s up! GeeCee had had a goal of getting to 80 before the expansion pack was released. Well, my goal is to get my barbarian Khatri to level 40 before the launch, and then to take part in the limited-time “Silver Atrium” quests. So!

My first MMO goal is a go!

And, because no post on AoC is complete without a screen cap, here’s probably my favorite conversation yet. Phoenic, a pirate captain, bragged about finding treasure in a mausoleum on White Sands Isle. He told that if I wanted to die, I should go check it out myself. Of course, there wasn’t any treasure – he was just blowing hot hair. He was a little surprised to see me return in one piece…

If you need to ask, I chose the first response each time. I think “son of a Pictish whore” is my new favorite curse phrase.


7 thoughts on “In Far Away Khitai

  1. @GeeCee. Ok so I got a post notice in my email about your debate over whether you want the retail box. But I no longer get to your site, it says it’s “protected” even efter I confirm that I am logged into wordpress. Did you change your settings?

  2. I’m so happy my site is back up! I had wanted to make a comment on your screenshots, but I was too frustrated with wordpress earlier this morning.

    Anyway, I too sometimes snicker at the things I get to say to the NPCs. There are many more funny/cheeky conversations like this, they are a treat whenever they come up. I have to say, they really did a good job with the scripts, so many are done in a mature way that’s in keeping with the game atmosphere, but yet they still manage to contain their own brand of humor.

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