Ymir and All That

“I offer you life, Conan,” said Tsotha, a cruel mirth bubbling at the back of his voice.
“I give you death, wizard,” snarled the king…
– The Scarlet Citadel

Today was my first experience with a pick-up group in AoC.

The Cimmerians are hard pressed, and the man leading the fight against the Vanir, Kern Wolfeye…

Wolfeye ❤ Cimmeria. Also, he's good looking and has an awesome voice actor. Turach now has competition!

… continues to task me with suicidal missions. These quests basically amount to “Go to the Vanir camp and kill everything.” And when I reply “I need an f-ing army for that,” he says “well, go get one then.”

Grouping has become mandatory, because of these guys:

Battles like this one took place ALL EVENING.

I hate the Ymir. They’re the first time I’ve run into “elite” NPCS, and they are terribly hard to take down. And also, just in case you forgot that this universe is savage, here’s a mission you get by interacting with the burned-out ruins of a village:

Game over, man! Game over.

But, it wasn’t all grim dark today! My pick-up group was completely awesome – basically, there were about half a dozen of us, cutting our way through Vanir camps. The foes we were fighting required team work, which my party had in spades. Fighting alongside others was fun!

Also, I did die in a pretty amusing way:

I should have learned from GeeCee.

Of course, this thing summons dudes that come kill you. I knew that. I still clicked it.

Anyways: what guilds are you guys in? I’ve just started to do harvesting, which (along with my good party experience) has piqued my interest for all-things cooperation related. GeeCee, how are the guys you hang with?


One thought on “Ymir and All That

  1. Wow, anyone who wonders at how “dark” AoC can get should just take a look at that quest. It’s depressing sometimes when you come across these moments in game, but it just adds to the immersion. There are quests that make me laugh too, but they all fit the game world.

    I’m glad you had luck with a PuG…this is probably a good sign that you’ll find plenty of people to group with as you level up. For me, I could never find any groups in the higher level zones, I just don’t see enough people there yet.

    Next time you’re on, I’ll see if there’s any officers in my guild to send you an invite. They’re a great bunch of people, and there’s a few Australians in it too, so there’s always someone on 24 hours of the day. We’ve picked up a lot of newcomers in the last few weeks too, so there should be many people around levels 20-40.

    And I can’t believe you clicked on that gong…you should have known better!

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