Climbing the Ranks

Man… is only separated from heaven
by that which he will not climb.

I saw this ladder when I first entered Tortage, and thought to myself “some day, I will climb that thing.” And sure enough, I did – in a mission that felt like it came straight out of the movie, or the short story The Elephant Tower (well, except I didn’t kill any elder gods).

Age of Conan

These guys are butt ugly! Also, from Howard's "The Pool of the Black One."

So my barbarian, Khatri, finally fought her way out of Tortage and returned to her mist-shrouded homeland, Cimmeria. Despite how completely awesome Tortage was, I was glad to be gone.

And then… then altitis struck. I absolutely love my barbarian (so much violence!!!111!11!!!111), but I decided I wanted to try out something more… Stygian. I eventually settled on a Herald of Xotli. Yeah, yeah, my new character is in the service of a terrible Outer God, but I also figured that the HoX was the closet thing I could get to being a historian in this universe… I mean, I am looking for lost lore and knowledge, right? Right?

The problem is that the HoX is only slightly less awesome than the Barbarian, and is quickly gaining ground. It helps that my HoX has been getting a crazy amount of fatalities. I’m trapped, not knowing which character I should focus on advancing.

One thing that has made creating a new alt so bearable is that the destiny quests in Tortage are completely different for each class archetype. For instance, my barbarian stole an incantation from Mithrelle, but it was my Herald that alerted the Resistance to the spell the Stygian witch was weaving.


So, I logged into STO for the first time in a week or two – AoC has really been eating into my time. But you know, this is why I got a lifetime subscription. I took advantage of Cryptic’s Tax Break to buy a few things from the C-Store; I had somehow accumulated over a 1000 CPs. I ended up getting the Klingon BoP Bridge  (whenever I do play a Klink, it’s the exact bridge I want) and the new Fed Science bridge, because it looks like they did a great job on it.

While logged in, I finished the last patrol set I had in Klingon space – whenever I want, I’m on my way to the troubled realm of the Romulan Star Empire. I’ve heard that the game really starts to getting tough – in a good way – in Romulan space, so I’m looking forward to the challenges my science vessel will experience.


7 thoughts on “Climbing the Ranks

    • woot! When you get it, get on server Wiccana – I’ve yet to run into GeeCee, but someone else close to my level would be awesome.

  1. How are HoXs? I heard a couple guildies talk about how awesome they are the other day, but one criticism was that leveling starts to slow down at the 40-60 levels because killing takes too long and survival against groups of mobs drops dramatically. That was just one person’s opinion though, and to be honest, that was also my problem with the PoM but I made it through okay.

    • I’ve read that the Barbarian and the HoX are similar, and that would certainly explain why I like them so much. Both have poor armor, but massive melee damage potential.

      The difference is that the Barbarian is sneaky, while the HoX has some crazy fire spells. Currently, I’ve not been using the HoX’s magic as much as I should, but I hope to effectively integrate it into my playing experience as I level.

      Both the Barbarian and the HoX have the same problem with mobs, it seems: you have to kill them ALL before they kill you. It’s always touch and go, but both classes have the damage output to actually pull it off. The adrenaline rush makes playing both of them highly rewarding.

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