Hyborian Survival Guide – Part I

In keeping with a great tradition, my own tips for surviving the Hyborian Age:

1. Ancient spirits will fuck you up.

So, I’m exploring some scary, imposing Acheronian ruins…

Long ago, an Acheronian shouted "Jenga!"

… when I come across a guy cradling his head. Says that he’s being haunted. I says that he’s been eating too many hallucinogenic fruit. He tells me to go to his house and get the amulet responsible for his mess, and I says “XP!”

Of course, the bastard wasn’t lying. The place is fucking haunted. The long-suffering spirits demand I help free their souls. I ask them what would happen if I didn’t…

Really, it was a no-brainer.

… and they made a really convincing argument.

Long story short, I got temporarily sucked into an alternate dimension and had to fight spirit-tiger-things.

I could not make this shit up.

8 thoughts on “Hyborian Survival Guide – Part I

    • This poor sap in the Acheronian ruins is hearing voices – turns out he got a cursed human-skull/tiger-jawbone amulet thing, and he’s hearing the voices of some bandits cursed to undeath inside of it. You ask the tavern head to help destroy it, and the two of you get sucked into this nether-realm.

      Eventually, you get Turach (awesome!) to crush it with his hammer (he doesn’t care about any stinkin’ ghosts), and the Stygian witch lady at the docks consigns the lost souls to judgement by Set.

      So, uh, everything works out?

      • Well, it was sort of a two-parter – you find out that the curse can only be ended by burying the skull-thing in the sands of Stygia (I think?), and so you give it to a really suspicious captain who says he’ll do it for you. You can leave it at that, but later you can chat the captain up, and it turns out he decided to keep it, and has since then started to hear the voices, too. SO you can take if from him and seek another way to end the curse.

  1. Arg! All this Conan stuff from you and GC. I keep reminding myself that the game didn’t hook me the last three times I tried it, it probably won’t now, but you’re all still tempting me to try once more. I’m going to at least put it off until I make Admiral, maybe the feeling will pass before then.

    • Seriously, if only I had the money. I’m only allowed 2 MMOs at a time, and one of them is always WoW or LOTRO, while the other right now is STO. Maybe I’ll put STO on hold when I get to the level cap, maybe not, depends on what’s there. Ugh, I WANT DEM ALLLS RAWR!

      Sorry..Murloc’d out…

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