Welcome Back, Khatri

I did it. I subscribed to AoC! (For some terrible reason, even though I’m not a resubscriber, this popped into my head. I find the mental image of my barbarian walking down the streets of Brooklyn with Kotter’s theme song playing hilarious.)

I went ahead and signed on for a year. I hope I don’t rue this choose as a mistake. The game has been really fun, and the deals Funcom was offering – $98 for a year, with the client (and its one month of game time) thrown in for free – seemed like the best way to go. In the past, my biggest fear in playing MMOs is “not getting my money’s worth.” I dodged that bullet with a lifetime sub to STO; I hope I’m able to keep the fear away in AoC with an upfront sub of 13 months. Also, today is my birthday, so the expense is quasi-justified.

Also, the bonus Hyrkanian Headguard looks sweet; I can’t wait till I’m level 40, so that I can use it.

Newb Question Time!!!1111!!11111111

So how does everyone break down their skill points? I’ve found a fantastic barbarian skill guide here, but I don’t know how out-of-date it is, or if there are contrary bits of advice I should know? I don’t really plan to do much in the way of PvP, if that helps direct any advice given.

Also, being completely new to this game, I have no friends. Loyal readers, drop your monikers in the comments, so that I might friend you! (GeeCee, this goes for you, too – I keep not being able to figure out your Priestess’ name!)


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Khatri

  1. Hey happy birthday!!!

    And welcome to AoC, I hope you’ll enjoy it. I would say if you bought the LTS for STO, you won’t be regretting the year sub to AoC. There’s a lot more stuff to do and it took me 2 months just to get from 47-80 (yep, I hit max level today! πŸ˜€ ) vs. the 5 weeks it took me to reach max in STO. It would be especially worth it if you take it slow too, since it would have taken me a lot longer than 2 months if I hadn’t been pushing myself to put more time than usual in AoC…it’s because I still pay a monthly sub.

    Okay…skill points. Don’t worry about them too much for now, I would say. Put points into what feels right, and this is my opinion only, but I would give preference to skills that would benefit solo play. I just couldn’t find enough groups while leveling to make group beneficial skills worth it, but it might be different for you though, since you’ll be leveling up with a whole different cohort.

    And my characters in game again are Kyela (my PoM) and Breawyn (my bear shaman). Feel free to friend me and look me up! If I can help you out with anything too, let me know!

    • Alright – skill points, not concerned about. I’ve put alot into climbing, skulking, and hiding. Figured those were all barbarian things. I haven’t put any into the resting abilities, which might come back to bite me, but whateva.

      And – considered yourself friended!

      • Ooh, I thought you were talking about your skill tree. You know, abilities and stuff.

        The other skills, I would say put just enough into climbing to be able to get to places you’ll need to go for quests (sometimes this means sitting on a couple hundred spare points to allocate into climbing only when the situation calls for it…I never really wanted to waste the points unless I had to) and run speed. I don’t know too much about those general skills either, but a guildie did mention run speed is good for pvp and for pve, for when you run away from mobs to prevent being killed lol πŸ˜› They said hiding was good as well, just so you can sneak past mobs in certain situations…stealth breaks super easy though, that’s probably why.

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