Subbing to AoC

Alright, so I think I’m ready to take the plunge. My Barbarian has worked her way up to level 18, and it has been alot of fun. But now, a question for my loyal readers: which subbing bonus should I choose?

Bag of Holding: The bag of holding increases the amount of items that can be carried by 20.
Enruned Kosalan Ring: This ring makes the wearer more efficient in battle by increasing damage output.
Totem of Origins: The totem of origins has a spell-effect that transports the user back to their cultural hometown (requires level 20).

Help me loyal readers! I need your opinions about how useful each will be as I play more.

8 thoughts on “Subbing to AoC

  1. Bag of holding. You will be fine without the damage increase buff, and an extra hearth is nice but not a big deal IMO. I’d go for the extra bag space, as that could really help you.

    Thats personal opinion though, since you might get to the point where you have a bigger bag anyway, not sure anymore how that works with AOC.

    Have fun man!

  2. Well, too late for me to add my input now, but I think I would have gone for the ring LOL. Only because more bag space and pathing abilities to other cities can be bought in game later on with gold or veteran tokens, but I don’t know if I have seen anything like the ring! It’s ALL good though, and I’m glad to see you liked AoC enough to decide to sub.

    • I’ve not gone and gotten the sub yet, but from what I’ve read, the ring boosts non-physical damage output. Which would seemingly not help my barbarian? But I don’t know – check out the information on the ring here and tell me.

      • Hmm, seems to me it’s meant so that every class can benefit from it, and cool as it is, it doesn’t really look all that impressive now when I see the stats. I guess I would go for the bag then as well 😛

        Remember to add me in game, and holler if you need any help!

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