Advisory Council

Poor Cryptic. What did they think would happen, creating a ‘civilian’ advisory council? We already know that STO’s forum goers are an unappeasable lot, and this just further proves it.

But… what I don’t get is why Cryptic thinks they need one. It’s clear that Cryptic (for a little better than worse) already draws a lot of inspiration from the forums, and individual devs post there all the time. If I wanted Cryptic to hear what I had to say, I think I could do a pretty fine job of it on my own. (This is a compliment to Cryptic, guys! oh noes!!!)

Looking through the 80-page response thread, it seems Cryptic wants this council to reach out to the tens of thousands of players who don’t use the forums. Which is probably doomed to failure from the get-go, because players who don’t use the forums probably could care less about a virtual representative body that will probably use the forums to communicate with players.

Also… who the hell is Berlin Niccals, one of our illustrious representatives? Judging from her website, she’s a Doctor Who fan who posts funny Star Trek pictures (and curses alot, and some other terrible stuff). EDIT: that’s not actually her post, it was reblogged from somewhere else. Nothing wrong with a Doctor Who fan… I’m just wondering if Cryptic really got their money’s worth when the social media company they hired helped them find representatives.

I’m not really upset about the whole affair, not like the official forums right now. I just think it was a strange, unnecessary risk for Cryptic to take, one with a very small margin of success. Of course, this whole thing will blow over in a day or two (probably), the Council will either be dissolved or completely ignored, and the forums will find something new and exciting that heralds the Fall of Star Trek Online.

9 thoughts on “Advisory Council

  1. I’m wondering if she may not be a token representative, in two cases of the word:

    1) She is currently the only woman on the council.

    2) She’s at the every man level. All the others are connected to a Star Trek themed web site or create a weekly video about STO. She just seems to be a randomly picked person from the player base (if she actually plays, has anyone found anything on the linked site that mentions she’s involved with STO in anyway at all?)

    Honestly, I don’t really care about the council. Although I’m curious to see how much flack they take for selecting the STOked guys, one of which has gone on record as saying the game should focus on the Federation, with the Klingon faction (and all factions added in the future) being only moderately developed.

  2. I was and am pretty confused by her being listed. I clicked through from the announcement to her page and didn’t see any reference to the game. *sigh* Two steps forward, one step back, again.

  3. Looks like Cryptic opened their eyes and saw how the content of that site is hurting their image. Her name has been removed from the official announcement…and the tumblr site when you try to click it now says “not found”…could be due to traffic or it was taken down by the author.

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