The Needs of the Many

The Needs of the Many, a novel based in the STO universe, has just been released. Check out a lengthy excerpt here.

I am… very pleased. I had heard this book was written in the style of World War Z (one of my all time favorite books), and that rumor is correct. Something about fictional stories told through interviews really makes me happy. I’ve already ordered it.


8 thoughts on “The Needs of the Many

  1. Currently have a copy in my hands. I had to convince a nice lady at my local book store to help me find the copies they had.

    A couple things that I’ve seen in it that I like:

    1) Stardate translations. If an entry has a Stardate on it, a foot note at the bottom of the page will give an Earth date for it. I was half worried I wouldn’t know when this book took place.

    2) Path to 2409 as an appendix. And it has information all the way up to 2409

    • Man, stardate translations are awesome! If Memory Alpha has taught me anything, its that star dates are screwy beyond all belief, and aren’t consistent between TOS, the movies, and TNG.

      Also, the Path to 2409 was one of my favorite parts of the STO website. I wish that more had been made public, but it sounds like I’m going to get my fill when this book arrives.

  2. Be sure to post a review when you’re done. It’s something I’ll definitely look into, I just have a couple more books to get through before I think about starting a new one.

    • I only skimmed the excerpt – once I knew I’d buy it, I didn’t want to ruin more than was necessary. Once my book comes in, I’ll look for it!

  3. I just went on to check this title out and I was so happy to see they have the Kindle edition! I won’t have to worry about trying to find this at my local bookstore now! 😀

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that, carry on.

    • My wife loves her Nook.

      You guys are crazy. Sure, it’s neat – but I like the feel of cold lamination and feeble pages in my hands.

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