STO: Looking For A Fleet

GeeCee and I are in the same fleet, Citrus Task Force. It’s pretty cool, except I have the sneaking suspicion that she and I are the only ones in the fleet still playing the game. I’ve not seen our fleet founder in game for a good long while, and he’s not responded to my PMs.

I like CTF – it’s easy going and demands no effort out of me. For someone with a Real LifeTM, that’s great. But I’m also pretty lonely in it. So, loyal readers – any recommendations?


11 thoughts on “STO: Looking For A Fleet

  1. The Older Gamers has a fleet (The Older Generation) that as far as I can tell still has active members on – at least there’s still someone on to say hi to whenever I’ve logged in the past few days. Now, I’m still just a lowly Lt. Commander and don’t play very often, so I don’t know what the general population any given day is, so YMMV!

    • Thanks for the heads-up! It sounds like our playing styles are similar – I’m just a lowly Lt. Commander, too, and I bought a lifetime subscription for a reason (so I don’t feel pressured to play every day). I’ll look into it.

  2. I’m in Federation 1st Fleet. There are usually a few people on, and we just started a Klingon-side Fleet called House of Leo. It’s not huge, though I am not sure how many fleets are.

  3. The Scorpion Alliance is always looking for freindly folks.

    Very laid back, no pressure, most of us have been there and done that on WoW and other games.

    We are running STF’s whenever we get the chance too.

    More then welcome to take a look at the website or hit me up in game.


  4. Just catching up on my RSS. Totally ironic about the timing on your post and Tipa and I getting motivated to start a fleet. Looking forward to flying with you.

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