Global Agenda – Free Trials

I’ve not played Global Agenda, but being a fan of FPSs, I’ve been thinking about trying it out. Really stupid, I know – my lifetime subscription to STO calls, and then there’s FFXIII, not to mention the fact that I need to finish X at some point, and there’s grad school, and I’m totally going to finish my STO fanfic…

But anyways! Massively is providing readers with a free trial to Global Agenda. It’s unlimited in terms of how many days you can play, but you have to sign up before April 1st. So, if you ever want to give it a shot, go forth and be awesome.

3 thoughts on “Global Agenda – Free Trials

    • mwahahahah!

      But seriously, I got the trial, but it doesn’t mean I need to immediately start playing it. It’s on the backburner now.

      And you think you’re in a tough spot? I just got ME2, too!

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