The Previous Generation: Defiant

2270 – Ker’rat System

The ship rocked from another disruptor strike. “Forward shields down to 20%, Captain,” the Trill helmsman reported.

Captain Sym grimly nodded. “Emergency maneuvers, Lieutenant. Let’s try to get a good shield facing…”

“No good,” Ensign Sozen interrupted. “Auxiliary power is down, and our thrusters are offline. We’re turning like a…”

An exploding bridge console and its accompanying cascade of sparks drowned out the Andorian’s simile.

The ship shook again, and then again – the disruptor strikes were growing more frequent. Captain Koll had immediately recognized the cripplingly low turn rate of the Samarkand, and had forgone defensive attack runs. Now the Kahless was trailing the flagging Miranda-class vessel, every forward-facing weapon pouring fire into the Samarkand‘s flagging rear shields.

But Captain Sym wouldn’t accept defeat. As he calculated it, his ship had two minutes of life still in her – and that was baring any foolish attempt by Koll to negotiate or board. More than enough time to shake the Klinks, activate the warp drive, and get home. He pressed on a button on his command chair. “Mr. Delvok, are you in position?”

“Almost, Captain,” the reply came back over the comm. “Ensign Trelk and I are on Deck 3, three point four meters from the plasma manifold juncture. I expect us to have the bypass ready in thirty second; after that, we can jettison plasma on your command.”

“Excellent. Update us as soon as you’re finished.” If that damn Klingon wanted to stay glued to Sym’s rear firing arc, he’d have to fly his way through a destructive cloud of ejected warp plasma to do it.

But it was too soon to relax. “Rear shields have failed,” Lieutenant Kaghan yelled. “Torpedo volley inbound.”

Sym clutched the handles of his chair. “All hands, brace for-“

2 thoughts on “The Previous Generation: Defiant

  1. Ah, AyAitch, you do love to tease.

    I love it, you have Mr. Delvok’s Vulcan-ness completely nailed down. Personally, that would be my biggest obstacle if I were to write up my STO adventures, trying to make the story interesting with the main character being a non-emotional Vulcan captain 😛

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